Friends, we must shun this darkness that is creeping in from all sides. We must make no more room for all this sadness, sickness, and despair. I speak as someone who is observing myself, my friends, and family as a collective and seeing the ghouls sunk into our heels.

I haven't been feeling too well, but I haven't wanted to talk about it here because it's somehow felt like giving in. My husband helped me put into perspective that it makes sense to be sick right now, "it's been the most stressful year of your entire life." He's right. But it has to stop.

I'm tired of being a victim.
I want to be happy.
Even if bad things are happening.
I need to take responsibility.
I need prayers from love instead of pity.
I need health and healing.
I want to be the warrior that my mom trained me to be.
I want to take up the mantle she left me and move on.
I have things to do.
I'm taking my hearing with me.
I'm taking my balance with me.
I'm taking my life back.

This entire album has been helping me tremendously right now.

Show me forgiveness
for having lost faith in myself
and let my own interior up
to inferior forces
the shame is endless
but if soon start forgiveness
the girl might live


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