So, this weekend, right? Yeah.

My cousin Christina flew in from Albuquerque on Friday night. She is a nurse and mommy of two lil' kids, so we wanted to make sure that she got to relax and do lots of grownup things while she had the chance. We went and had Thai food and then subjected her to a movie on Koko the gorilla (totally NOT grownup at all...oh well).

Saturday morning, her brother John arrived from San Diego, and we ran amok all over town searching for museums with modern art. I do not, in general, do enough museum-going. I vow here and now to change that. We ended up at MOCA (closed for installation), Disney Concert Hall (its own work of art), the Pacific Design Center, and finally LACMA, which had this Beyond Geometry exhibit that actually started to make me so dizzy that I was falling over. I tend to forget how works of visual art can trigger physical reactions. I love it. We then snooped around Santa Monica Pier, which is positively bonkers on Saturday nights, and ate some good food at some random Italian restaurant.

Sunday...can you guess it? Do you know what we did? That's right...Disneyland. We managed to show up on what might have been the coolest day of the year: Bats Day. It started slowly: we kept noticing goths ambling about. Seriously amazingly attired goths, too. Not just your everyday gothy goth. We're talking Emily Dickenson about a year after Death kindly stopped. We'd see one, two, ten, twenty, thirty goths, and that's when we realized, "oh my, it's Goth Day at Disneyland." You could hear the Midwestern tourists muttering "freaks" under their breaths and shielding their childrens' eyes. There were thousands of them, and they gave the day an added edge of hilarity that culminated in a 9 PM gathering in the haunted mansion that might have been one of the most fun rides ever. We managed to scare Christina almost out of her skin. She was so spooked by our constant prodding, her brother told me her legs were shaking towards the end. Even the zipper on her sweatshirt gave her a fright. It was fantastic.

An image that will forever be burned in my brain happened after Splash Mountain. It was late, we all commandeered a log (my sister joined us after work). We were pretty giddy from an amazing dinner at the Blue Bayou (thanks to Christina, who generously treated as a bday present). We come out after the ride to see the picture that they take of your log during the big drop. Well, there's me, David, Christina, and Victoria, all smiling and laughing or whatever...and then there's John. John is stabbing a plastic sword into his chest, eyes closed, mouth open in ecstatic pain. "If I was going to go down, I was going on my own terms," was his explanation. He rocks me.

It's weird about Disneyland. It's always fun, but there are some days that you are let behind some kind of energetic veil, and those are the days that are truly magical there. They are rare and precious, and Sunday was one of those days. The lights twinkled, the moon was blasting, and the pirates were seconds from coming to life. Christina and John were laughing like they were 10 years old again. Truly a lovely day.

Of course now we are so tired we can barely see straight. It was worth it. Oh, and many thanks to the helpful tips on grounding. I'm working on it. And now...because I could not stop for sleep - it kindly stops for me. (read: I'm taking a nap in my car during lunch)


wish i could have been there
Gabriella | 09.01.04 - 9:39 am | #

oh... let's get everyone together for 'bat day' next year. i'm serious! shawn? mike? who's with me?
byronicwoman | Homepage | 09.01.04 - 9:55 am | #

But let's mess with the concept and go dressed as characters from the Batman comic books. Or, as baseball bats.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 09.01.04 - 10:20 am | #

gabi, we missed you so much. we kept saying it over and over that it wasn't quite right without you.

i am serious, i will do Bats Day.
a | Homepage | 09.01.04 - 10:20 am | #

I'm glad you noticed I was gone
I'll e-mail you later I HAVE to tell you about this dream I had about us and your mom!
Gabriella | 09.01.04 - 12:02 pm | #

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