People, you were supposed to tell me all the Smart and Sensible reasons why we should NOT get the dog, not all vicey-versey. I asked the Universe for a big old Sign one way or the other. If you all are the Sign, I'm ignoring you. Thhpppt.

Tonight, I'm going to Bereave It Up at my very first stab at a grief support group. Ought to be interesting. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, except some sort of Fight Club-like people who are lifers in the group counseling circuit. My world is entirely too influenced by movies.

OK OK here are the Reasons Why Getting Doggy Might Be A Really Bad Idea:

1. We're still not technically allowed to have doggy, it's just that the new managers have one so we are thinking of risking it due to the Hypocrisy Factor.

2. MAJOR lifestyle change. We're going to have to be responsible for something and we can't just fly off to Rome on a moment's notice.

3. It's an apartment. Doggy have nowhere to run. Doggy decide to eat the guitars instead? Life's work down doggy's gullet.

4. Two words: pooper scooper.

5. David might be allergic, but he won't know till he knows.

6. Vet bills.

...but then, Reasons Why Getting Doggy Might Be A Really Good Idea:

1. Love

2. Eats everything you drop/no more cleaning up spills.

I swear, if I can't even commit to this, I don't know how I'm supposed to have a child some day.

PS-Uncle Shawn, I'm glad to hear you'd still be able to come to our house if we had doggy. So it's just kitties that are the problem?


Oh god, Shawn's allergic to cats?? Shawn can't come over to my house to play? That's horrifying!

Anyway, Pro-Doggie Reason #1 is all you need (really, I heard it in a song so it must be true).
tumtum tree | Homepage | 08.05.04 - 2:33 pm | #

Um, don't break your lease unless you're prepared to move. Seriously. You hae to bring it up with the new building people and you might want to see if there's any law on the books that says the hypocrisy argument actually counts for anything. If these are building managers, well, the owners might have made an exception in order to hire them. But I doubt the owners are required to be entirely consistant in their rules. So, check into that. On the other hand, if you check first and offer to put down a pet deposit, you won't live in fear. Life's very hard when you rent...
Maielloclypse the Younger | 08.05.04 - 2:35 pm | #

Yeah, the hypocricy factor won't fly, and I wouldn't risk it. But there's nothing wrong with asking the new managers.
Dogs I am not allergic too. I love them. Cats....cats I can see from a distance, but if I get within their personal space they silently... almost magically..will have my eyes watering and sneezing the loudest possible sneezes that you ever did hear. And it's a shame, because I truly do love the snobby personality that is The Cat. But I prefer dogs moreso. Hmm...think I'll light some candles, surround myself in a circle of meow-mix, and summon Bast. Maybe she could get rid of my allergies for me..and it would only cost THE PRICE OF MY SOOUUULLLL!!!
Shawn | Homepage | 08.05.04 - 3:56 pm | #

Oh and honey, if you need someone to love AND will eat everything you drop, then I'm your man. BA!
Shawn | Homepage | 08.05.04 - 3:58 pm | #

shawn, will you come live on my floor?
a | Homepage | 08.05.04 - 4:20 pm | #

whatever it takes, sweetheart, whatever it takes.......
Shawn | Homepage | 08.05.04 - 4:34 pm | #

Sorry for being Mr. Practical up there. It's just that... it needed sayin. There are sacrifices for city livin'. Jess and I have been considering relocation to a place that will have dogs. I think it strikes us New Mexicans, accustomed to a certain amount of freedom that comes with space, as a bit odd for the dog thing to be such a big deal. However... in new Mexico you can also carry a loaded pistol wherever you go so long as it ain't concealed. On the other hand, there's nothing to do at night. Different places, different rules. So, from one city dweller to another... don't mess with the dog thing. Abide by your lease or they'll take you for everything they can. But don't forget the advantages of big city livin' and that will keep yopu from getting depressed over it.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 08.05.04 - 7:51 pm | #


1) Ok, yeah, Mike is right, so I don't really have a counterpoint. Just find out.

2) Sure you can. Dogsitter.

3) Lock up valuables, walk the dog alot, provide things that are ok to eat.

4) With a name like that, it's got to be fun.

5) I'm allergic to everything, but I have a sniffer spray that works. There's also the strange immunity that some of us acquire when we live with a particular furball for long enough.

6)Pet insurance. Tiny monthy payments, and reasonable deductibles.

I hope you can have a doggy. It would be a lucky little mutt, fo sho.
Anonymous | 08.06.04 - 12:42 am | #

By Blogger adriana, at Wednesday, October 03, 2007 10:04:00 PM  

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