It's hard to even type this, and I am positively knackered, but I'd better get it out before the day goes much further. Rosie the doggy was absolutely lovely. We met her on Saturday morning, and she came home with us for a "sleepover" to see how she did. She was so cute: loving, affectionate, and very mellow. We had a lot of fun. We walked around the neighborhood and did general doggy things. Everyone who met her just thought she was the bee's knees.

By the end of the day, however, we knew it wasn't going to work out. She would scream every time we left her alone (can't have that with the apartment agreement, unfortunately don't have the ability to take time off to ease the transition for her), she wasn't used to going to the bathroom on a leash, and worst of all, we were both highly allergic. Probably a few hours into it, David could barely breathe. It was terrible to admit these things, because we already loved her. Emotions were amplified by the fact that I had no sleep that night due to some kind of food poisoning. Whee.

Anyway, we had to take her home, which was ok because she really has a very nice home with her rescue lady. The great part is rescue lady said we can borrow her or any of her dogs whenever we'd like for outings and fun. How lovely! David and I have plans for Rosie...we think we might know someone who will have the perfect home for her...and if anyone else knows a good home for a very loving corgi who follows you wherever you go, please let us know.


I am sure Rosie will find a good home- do not feel bad! Borrowing dogs might be a great way for you to see which kinds you react to most, emotionally and danderwise. (Danderwise?) Anyhow, here's a link that shows some dogs that most people are less allergic to. home.html
tifanie | 08.09.04 - 11:26 am | #

Sorry about the response to the dog! I mentioned to David about a hypoallergenci dog: the bichon. It's one Pa & I have investigated for allergies, too!
Ma & Pa | 08.09.04 - 11:34 am | #

I wish I could take her!! But along with being a little far away I already have a poor abandoned dog(her owner took off to live it up in San Diego)

Gabriella | 08.09.04 - 3:07 pm | #

maybe Shaquille needs a friend! HINT HINT.
a | Homepage | 08.09.04 - 5:18 pm | #

I think she does need a friend...she sure seems lonely without her old friends
Gabriella | 08.10.04 - 3:05 pm | #

then it's settled, gabi's taking rosie! i'll send her in a crate.
a | Homepage | 08.10.04 - 6:11 pm | #

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