I think we got some good work done this weekend on music. We're starting to really set a foundation for this new album. I don't expect it will feel like the last ones, but we're not far along enough yet to make any sonic judgements at this point. I wish with all my heart that we had all day every day to work on it, because we would. That is, of course, the Goal and the Dream.

I've been meaning to say for a few weeks now that there is a review of our last EP in the current issue of a magazine called The Beltane Papers. It is a glowing review, but strangely, I think it was nicked and somewhat re-worked from another publication's review. Is that common?


It's totally possible. A lot of zines (paper and web) share content as part of a informal wire service. I've certainly found bits and pieces of stuff I've written for one ezine or Web site show up on others...
Maielloclypse the Younger | 08.17.04 - 8:05 am | #

and does that bother you or do you just take it as part of the business?
a | Homepage | 08.17.04 - 9:03 am | #

Doesn't bother me at all. Usually, its credited so I take it as my writing spreading by viral means. But I don't get too worked up about ownership of my writing and I never really have. It's good for the ideas to spread. For example, ths borrowing was good for you as it added your review to another publication. And who's to say that this pub didn't ask the other for permission? I expect courtesy -- to be either asked for credited. But I don't freak out if that doesn't happen.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 08.17.04 - 11:44 am | #

oh yeah, i'm not complaining. it was a very nice review. they can copy it away for all i care.

it's interesting because i didn't know that happened. it makes sense that it does.
a | Homepage | 08.17.04 - 1:53 pm | #

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