...and I just finished my second session of acupuncture and feel absolutely amazing. Seriously. She says I have a lot of wind in my body (quiet in the peanut gallery) and proceeded to..knock the wind out of me? Grounding, she says, is the big issue. Which, as I was relaxing into it, I saw several versions of myself, like double negatives, all over the place. The balance disorder has been an outer manifestation of that, to be sure. So, it's time to come into alignment.

But then, she also says I need to eat more red meat, which is kind of whacked. I eat none. So any is more than none. So I guess I'll try. Wugga. She says my circulation is poor and that I need to "feed my blood." I guess there's some sort of chi thing about taking that energy in from the animal. I don't know. Everyone's got some theory. I'll take a bit from here and there, but it's my cauldron and my potion after all.


I have alot of wind also, but there are other ways of grounding besides eating meat, like: eating root vegetables and doing grounding postures in yoga. Another odd thing is drinking coffee, which is also grounding as are all forms of edible mushrooms and darkgreen vegetables. Also any repetitive movement like running or walking will ground you nicely. Or better yet, exercising your voice (practicing your musical art is very grounding). Maybe she can also make herbal recommendations too rather than DEAD ANIMAL FLESH. Anyway lots of luck and go have a cappuccino a yam or two and run through some vocal exercices .
jeromejim | 08.28.04 - 9:07 am | #

I use to wear obsidian or onyx in my pocket (near my root chakra) to help ground me. Also raw ruby near your root chakra during meditation is good. And one last idea is simply breathing. Concious low belly breathing. Try an Iron supplement if you need it. OK, done blabbing, love you
amani | 08.28.04 - 9:53 am | #

Hematite for grounding and deflecting negativity, rose quartz for vertigo control and opening to love.

Boy, do I sound like a hippie. Must...leave...Haight....Street...
tifanie | 08.28.04 - 10:44 am | #

Obviously, you've forgotten the regenerative powers of Pixie Stix. I recommend 3 regular size orange and/or grape and 1 extra large cherry.

Barring that, eat lots of sushi.
William F. House | Homepage | 08.28.04 - 11:55 am | #

Um, you're missing out on all the steak, though! The steak! Mmmmm... steak!
Maielloclypse the Younger | 08.29.04 - 4:27 pm | #

By Blogger adriana, at Wednesday, October 03, 2007 9:44:00 PM  

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