...and, because the Universe is not without a sense of humour, I managed to crash my department's golf cart today into a cement pole. Let me repeat that: I CRASHED MY BOSS'S GOLF CART INTO A CEMENT POLE. It was an accident, I just...I was parking and I managed to hit the gas instead of the brake. Lucky me. So it now has a giant indentation like I hit Wile E. Coyote.

Let's just say I've had to do a lot of grovelling today.

I managed not to tell them that this is actually not the first golf cart accident I've had. I really have a special talent with them. Once, long ago, I did a regional theatre show where we all lived on an estate on a haunted golf course (another story). So on off hours, we actors would go roaming through the fall foliage of northern New Hampshire on these carts. So I was zooming along on all these hills, and came to a hill that managed to have a rather steep dropoff. I guess the cart wasn't designed to grip the ground, because we (that's me and the cart) caught air. I had to jump out of the flying cart mid-air and watch it careen down the hill as I rolled away. In an adrenalinic fit, I got up and raced down the hill to catch up with it. Wonder Woman must have posessed me then, because I jumped back into the thing like I was comandeering a runaway horse. I promptly crashed into a tree. It was awesome.

..and I'm starting to get sore. Damn.


i SO want to go golf cart joy-riding with you now!!
byronicwoman | Homepage | 08.20.04 - 3:04 pm | #

ah- ha- hahhhhh- hysterical- laughing- ow- it - hurts.
Don't ever get in another golf cart.
Please don't.
You know what they say bout threes.
tifanie | 08.20.04 - 7:22 pm | #

Yeah, playa! Stop tempin' at golf courses with all 'dem haterators and frienemies! Belie' dat! Holla!
Maielloclypse the Younger | 08.21.04 - 10:14 pm | #

Okay, so I was in a silly mood when I posted that.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 08.22.04 - 9:01 am | #

what were you doing in the golf cart in the first place? playing golf?
amani | 08.22.04 - 12:11 pm | #

golf carts are used for transportation on the warner bros lot because it's so spread out. i was re-parking the cart because it was not in its proper spot.
a | Homepage | 08.23.04 - 8:29 am | #

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