rozewalker: right now, i feel like i can never be fully happy again
ByTheTumtumTree: i know
rozewalker: because a part of me is dead
rozewalker: like a lot of me is ok and doing fine
rozewalker: but not all of me
rozewalker: and it seems impossible that all of me will ever be
ByTheTumtumTree: for who you were before, you may never be the same sort of Happy.
ByTheTumtumTree: it's a different context now.
ByTheTumtumTree: but you will be happy again.
rozewalker: ah, a different me. interesting.
ByTheTumtumTree: don't you think? you can't face something like that and remain the same.
rozewalker: no you're absolutely correct

thanks for the insight, my friend.


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