OH MY LORD, this is absolutely unacceptable. Do you all REALIZE what these people are trying to do? He wants to have emergency legislation to delay the elections! This is insanity! To quote:

Ridge's department last week asked the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel to analyze what legal steps would be needed to permit the postponement of the election were an attack to take place...Soaries, a Bush appointee who two years ago was an unsuccessful GOP candidate for Congress, wants Ridge to seek emergency legislation from Congress empowering his agency to make such a call.

Do not let this happen, my America. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.


Well see, he's not very good at elections. Besides, if we have elections then the terrorists will have won.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 07.12.04 - 2:59 pm | #

Also along scary political lines. The Federal Marriage Amendment is being voted on by the Senate on Wednesday. Please call your Senators and tell them to vote NO!!

I had heard a rumor about this election insanity, but hadn't seen a story to back it up. Now I am really frightened. I am speechless. What can we do?
Lisa | 07.12.04 - 3:39 pm | #

By Blogger adriana, at Wednesday, October 03, 2007 8:55:00 PM  

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