My Dad is flying in today for a week and a half long visit. I don't think he's doing too well, so we'll do our best to cheer him up with some yet to be determined hijinks. Alls I do know is that I am extremely hyper about tonight. We are going to the Hollywood Bowl for Pops and fireworks, and...most importantly...BIG BIRD. I'm serious when I say this: I'm a huge fan.

My Mom always told the story that when I was four or five we went into some Sears store and they had just set up a huge life-size Big Bird display and apparently I totally went NUTS. "BIG BIRD! BIG BIRD!" I screamed, as if my eternal soul depended on his granting me salvation. I think they had to sedate me. That was the day that I got The Shirt. It was yellow (duh), and the entire front panel was a photograph of Big Bird's big old face. Apparently I became quite attached to the shirt, because I wore it almost every day for years, not caring if it matched the rest of my outfit or not. I started to be ridiculed by my elders for my taste in clothes, but I didn't care. I was safe. I was happy in that shirt. My Mom said she saved it but we've been unable to locate it, and my deep feeling is that it disintegrated from wear. *sigh*

Years later in New York, David and I were at the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day parade when the real honest to goodness Big Bird came down the street on a giant Sesame Street float. Up to that point the parade was just boring/disturbing clowns, but when I saw him I started jumping up and down and screaming like he was the Beatles or something. It was a completely unforseen, unconscious reaction.

For Mom, it was Grover. He comes in a close second for me (well, ok, tied with Snuffy). She had Grover everything: books, figurines, cups, shirts. But most importantly, she had this stuffed SuperGrover that she looked to for support. She brought him on her hospital visits and kept him in her room when she was sick. Grover will be there tonight. I've got a few questions for him.

Completely unrelated: the wonks at Sony might not release Fiona Apple's new album, which is a crying shame. Here is a leaked track called Extraordinary Machine that shows how freaking awesome this album will be, thanks to the fantastic Jon Brion. *shaking fist at sky*


Oscar the Grouch was my personal hero. I had all kinds of merchandise things, like books and shirts and dolls. But I always admired BigBird's attitude, and his positive body image. (heart)
ashleyface | 07.02.04 - 5:28 pm | #

oh oh oh! and brian stokes mitchell is going to be there?! coooooool.
ashleyface | 07.02.04 - 9:12 pm | #

I hope you sent a big hello to big bird for me....the only big furry thing that never scared me
Also, please tell your dad hello for me, we were playing phone tag before he left
Gabriella | 07.03.04 - 11:07 am | #

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