I really honestly just wrote this amazing post, and when I published, the whole system was whack and it said that I was in Yahoo Mail and when I tried to go back, everything was Yahoo Freakin Mail and blogger had disappeared completely, along with my neato post about this weekend.

I will try to reconstruct, but... you know...it just ain't the same.

I was saying that I have been trying to be as honest as possible on this journal about the grieving, so I am reporting that the Two Month Mark sucks ass.  It's not just me, either, it's a lot of people in the family.  It's like we're all hitting that brick wall of Finality, and it hurts.  I talked to a grief counselor today who said that they don't even take people before at least two months have passed since the death, because before that you are still in shock. 

I took my aunt's advice and went ahead with this weekend anyway, and she was right to encourage me.  There was fun to be had among the wild nerds, roaming freely among the plains of the San Diego Convention Center.  Highlights were seeing Neil, and mainly seeing the preview of MirrorMask that he has written with the god of art, Dave McKean, who is also directing.  Honestly and truly, it is going to be a glorious work of visual art that I absolutely cannot wait to see in its entirety.  It's good to have things to look forward to.  Things like the upcoming Return of the King extended edition, which is adding back in practically everything from the book that is missing (EOWYN!  squeeee).  

We escaped geekwatching to enjoy real animals roam the plains at the Wild Animal Park, which I highly recommend to anyone in this area.  The animals were so happy and healthy, it really made us realize how different their dispositions are in regular zoos.  As dusk came, the torches were lit, and African drums and dancers made their offerings to old gods of fire and the hunt.  They have something called Roar and Snore where you get to camp there and feed the animals and such.  Maybe sometime we'll do it.

That night we returned to our oh-so-posh and swanky hotel and decided to do a little exploring.  We explored ourselves right into the Lucasfilm/Gentle Giant Star Wars party and saw several "stars" like Peter Mayhew (HUGE), Kenny Baker (LITTLE), Ray Park, the kid who played young Anakin (who I managed not to punch), and the kid who played young Boba Fett.  Of course George Lucas wasn't there because he's not a fan of his own work.  Everyone was nerding it up because they'd announced the title of the upcoming film: Revenge of the Sith.  We revenged ourselves right into the free swag and left.*

We donned our Fiddler's Green shirts again on Sunday and tried our best to make the rounds, but by then we were just finished emotionally and physically.  I think we're quite done with comic con for a good long while....but I think I'll still register (I get it for free through work)...you know, just in case.

*This is fiction.  There was no swag, because they are cheap bastards.


The funniest thing about the Star Wars deal is that it was officially announced by the Lucasfilms "fan relations chief" - what a job title. Tifanie I've got my eye on you!
Missy | 07.27.04 - 6:31 pm | #

Raaahhhhhhhhhh! My version of "fan relations chief" would carry an awfully large paddle... and mace. Your weekend sounds jam packed with good and bad. I hope you can rest now, my sweet.
tifanie | 07.27.04 - 11:03 pm | #

...and he got that job by being the biggest Star Wars collector in the world. Because I know that, I think I can increase my geek quotient by a 20-sided die roll...

Anyway, A, I for one am glad you went. So happy you guys had fun, that's so important.

I wanted to let you know that I introduced two entire companies of actors here to Grumpy Ghost over the course of my time here in FL, though two of them ALREADY HAD IT.

Remember, you rock and George Lucas is a bastard. Still, somehow he will get my money.
don | Homepage | 07.28.04 - 1:28 pm | #

what the fuhh...two of them already had it???? how the HELL is that possible? seriously, you must be mistaken. and hey, thanks for spreading the love, you wonderful birthday boy.

yeah we saw that dude and heard the whole story of how he got hired. i'd have to say, good for him, although i hear he's a really bad public speaker, which is the entire purpose of his job. oh well.
a | Homepage | 07.28.04 - 3:27 pm | #

They had it on their computers, not the actual CDs. They may have Kazaa'd it? I only know they have it because one of them knew "harder" and we discussed where the hell she'd heard it. Maybe they're friends of friends of friends?
don | Homepage | 07.28.04 - 8:02 pm | #

I can't even tell you how much it meant to me to have you both there. The two of you and Mimi saved my soul.

And MirrorMask is film history in the making. Someday it will comfort Dave M. to know this.

And grief comes and goes in waves. It's okay. We love you when you're crazy. We love you when you laugh, anyway. We love you when your terrible truths show in your eyes. And we love you when you can see us, back.

I love you madly, darlings.
Pammikins | 07.28.04 - 8:52 pm | #

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