Grief has decided to grab me by the throat and pin me to the wall these last few days.  I think I was just beginning to feel I'd get out of these woods intact, but it had other ideas.  We are supposed to leave tonight for San Diego to attend the world's biggest nerdfest.  I am exhausted, weepy, and achey.  I would cancel but we are actually working the nerdfest this year, distributing flyers for the upcoming Sandman convention in Minneapolis.  The idea of dealing with hundreds of thousands of people seems overwhelming, especially when I feel I've got a huge red stamp on my forehead that says "MY MOM IS DEAD AND I WATCHED HER SUFFFER IN WRITHING AGONY!"  Indeed, yesterday I finally told my co-workers, since I'm going to be at this job for a while and they're probably wondering why I'm sniffling and shaking in the corner.  I just feel sure that I'm broadcasting this info, even if I'm not telling people, I feel sure that they know and they're aghast. 

Give me strength.


Honey, you have all the strength you need and you always have. What you need, and what you need to give yourself, is understanding and sympathy. It's dumb to tell you this on a message board, but... those woods are with you. They'll give you strength sometimes, they'll make you weak sometimes, but love them, well, understand and accept them, because they are part of you. And, honey, sometimes those real world tasks -- the conventioning, the PRing, the temping, can provide the right distraction. Throw yourself in. And know that you're never alone because you have many people who think about you lots and wish you well.
Mike M. | 07.22.04 - 8:06 pm | #

Who could top Mike's wisdom? I can only say that I am one who thinks about you lots and wishes you well.
Lisa | 07.22.04 - 9:00 pm | #

No one is aghast.

if they are, f*@$ 'em.

I, however, am jealous of the nerdfest attendance.

You will have fun at the nerdfest despite your feelings. It's exactly what the doctor ordered, it seems - You would regret not attending, you will most likely have wonderful memories of the trip.

It's a celebation of escapist entertainment, and right now some escapism is your hottest ticket.

Have some fun for someone who's about to endure the firey ritual of carousel.
don | Homepage | 07.22.04 - 9:07 pm | #

do what you need, honey. my best advice is go if you are weepy, consider staying home if you are achey. don't push the body too far, but force the mind to get out and play. neil awaits.
Shawn | Homepage | 07.23.04 - 9:40 am | #

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