The document says woman's role within the Church as a witness and "bride," as exemplified by the Virgin Mary, is key but different from man's.

"The reservation of priestly ordination solely to men does not hamper in any way women's access to the heart of Christian life," it said.

What a steaming pile of bullshit. Oh well. At least there's this. But seriously now, this ought to make you feel better.

Some photos of last week on the Fun page.


Um...I don't know if this is a welcome comment or not, but David is looking so much like Uncle Len when he was younger. Even the glasses.
Lisa | 07.31.04 - 4:10 pm | #

You are all so beautiful. Except some of those comic book weirdos- other than yourselves, of course. I think David should be a magician.
tifanie | 08.01.04 - 7:15 pm | #

I am forever mortified by these pictures.
d | 08.02.04 - 10:09 am | #

you're...mortified FOR me? or...what?
a | Homepage | 08.02.04 - 12:22 pm | #

such beauties!
amani | 08.02.04 - 12:56 pm | #

By Blogger adriana, at Wednesday, October 03, 2007 8:43:00 PM  

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