David wants this for his birthday.


oh my god now i want one too...
tumtum tree | Homepage | 07.15.04 - 10:25 am | #


This is the reason. I reason I love and understand the both of you:


Amazing. And people buy this. And then, people watch it. Raster man? The hell? And my favorite sentence that I have been saying dramatically all day: Animated Advertising Robots Musicians Robots.

Hell yeah.

Oh, and I can't stop staring at Chirpie. I CAN'T STOP STARING AT CHIRPIE.

Shawn | Homepage | 07.16.04 - 2:50 pm | #

Imagine if you had Animated Advertising Robots Musicians Robots in your apartment, and people would have to sidestep them to get in the door, and they'd always be there, looking at you. And then you could make them SAY things. Terrible things. And everyone would say, "I'm not sure I want to go over to Shawn's house, not if Animated Advertising Robots Musicians Robots still live there." And inside, you would laugh and laugh.
a | Homepage | 07.16.04 - 3:53 pm | #

i'm just in love with the phrase, "That's right, Grapejuice on guitar."
d | 07.16.04 - 4:55 pm | #

those grapejuice stains are the worst
a | Homepage | 07.16.04 - 5:00 pm | #

Or lets say that Animated Advertising Robots Musicians Robots opened for you at a concert. It could be:

Tonight at 9:00: The Endless, with special guests, Animated Advertising Robots Musicians Robots. Two drink minimum.

And later we would say: The Endless rocked, but what was up with Animated Advertising Robots Musicians Robots? I mean, look at Rusty. He's got no legs.

And later, after they become famous, Raster Man would split from the group, and form his own group, The Paradox of Value. Chirpie would overdose, but keep coming back. And Rusty? Rusty has no legs.

And we will remember the day, on our backyard porches many years from now, and we will say: Yes, I was there when Animated Advertising Robots Musicians Robots were nothing, and now look at them, Animated Advertising Robots Musicians Robots. And we will sip mint juleps, gleefully.
Shawn | Homepage | 07.16.04 - 5:12 pm | #

i misread your post this morning and was operating under the missapprehension that your DAD wanted this for his birthday. I was really trying to work that one out all day.
While now somewhat less confused, I then read the listing and watched the video.

How is it that you get your choice of Grape Juice or Raster Man? What is a Raster Man, and if you choose him, where does Grape Juice go? Where is Larry and why has he been replaced on the 5-piece drums by Rusty? And why does Larry appear to be a Hasidic Jew?

These are furballs, my friends. Robot furballs. My favorite phrase is: WHATEVER YOUR NEED MAY BE, THE CHIRPIE BAND PERFORMS

Yeah, I'm scared of that.
tifanie | 07.16.04 - 9:04 pm | #

Hey Kids-
Check out the page below for further gift ideas for David!

http://www.thewwweb.com/ thewwweb...atwant=wwwcat_2
tifanie | 07.16.04 - 9:14 pm | #

i...WOW. i just...WOW. did you look around that site?

i think i'm going with Chirpie on tricycle, although The Educated Talking Chicken might have some things to teach me. apparently you can rent them, too!

i'm thinking that'd be the hands down greatest party i'd ever attend.
a | Homepage | 07.17.04 - 1:47 pm | #

Undoubtedly- fun for the whole family. There's no telling what an educated chicken could let you in on, and Chirpie on the tricycle? Wow- a furry Animated Advertising Robots Tricycling Robots- that is beyond all of my expectations. This company is pure genius.

I notice you said nothing of the- shudder- clown thingie, though...
tifanie | 07.17.04 - 2:52 pm | #

i was trying to pretend the clown thingie didn't exist. however, if forced to choose, i'd go with Human-like Animated Clown2, as opposed to Human-like Animated Clown, because...you never know what went wrong with version 1.
a | Homepage | 07.17.04 - 11:22 pm | #


But what if they found version 1.0 just didn't contain ENOUGH evil, and made version 2.0 "now with more evil?"
tifanie | 07.18.04 - 10:43 am | #


Don't want evil clown
Whatever my need may be:
Chirpie band performs
Shawn | Homepage | 07.18.04 - 5:40 pm | #

Beautiful, Shawn, as ever...
tifanie | 07.19.04 - 12:19 am | #

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