It's hard to believe it's Midsummer here, as the days are deliciously chilled and windy. I'm sure that honest Puck has found much mischief to do around my heart, at any rate. The Simpsons Season 4 on DVD is my current anesthesia of choice from this choking pain that swells and ebbs unpredictably. I feel blank much of the time. I'm not sure what to look forward to, nor do I know what to do with my time.

This weekend, David and I picked up our instruments and started to write again for the first time in ages. There was certainly elation in that moment. The problem is, this great urge to create will not bring her back, and it cannot heal the wound in me. I can only hope that somehow it can help transform it into a pain I know how to live with. I understand Orpheus so much better now. I would go to the Underworld and beyond to staunch this.

I'm having that unbearable urge and longing again for this.

Still, I'm alright. Honestly.


"Ecstasia" by Francesca Lia Block is your book right now for sure.
ashleyface | 06.21.04 - 6:52 pm | #

Shawn | Homepage | 06.21.04 - 7:40 pm | #

I LOVE Corgis! That's what our next dog will be.
Lisa | 06.22.04 - 8:02 am | #

but...butbutbut...IIIIII want the corgi!!!!

(can't, apartment won't let us)
a | Homepage | 06.22.04 - 8:13 am | #

Corgis are ridiculously good looking. But for my puppy dollar, it's all about the rat terrier. I got to live with one in New York, and I was happy every day. I think you could hide one of these in a kitchen cabinent or something. F751KK.jpg
tifanie | 06.22.04 - 12:36 pm | #

HAHAHAH look at that face!
a | Homepage | 06.22.04 - 1:31 pm | #

hehehe...or, if you really want a covert doggie, you could also opt for the toy poodle, which is perfectly appropriate to carry in one's purse.
tifanie | 06.23.04 - 1:02 am | #

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