It hardly seems possible that my Mom has been dead one month today. Time moves forward whether you'd like it to or not, at least on this plane of existence. I try to keep reminding myself that this life passes in the blink of an eye, and it won't be long until I see her again, and won't I have some amazing stories to tell her when I do? I'd like to think so.

Like, I know she'd have gotten a kick out of the fact that Dick Cheney got rousingly boo-ed at during a Yankees game last night when his face appeared on the Jumbotron or whatever you call it during the seventh-inning stretch. It must have come as quite a shock to him, considering the near godlike status his administration had a few years ago there. It seems like not long ago that the NYC firemen were threatening to beat people up if they opposed the war. Are we entering our own Summer of 69, or are we still too weak and afraid to be organized?

...and this between me and hubby:

Capt Xenu: what do you think your mom and Belle are doing today?
rozewalker: i think they are going to have a nice trip to Monterey aquarium to see the sea otters
rozewalker: followed by a huge bowl of ice cream for each
rozewalker: then they are going to knock something over in her old classroom, so that when they come back in the fall they will say, "oh my"
rozewalker: then Belle is going to go have a good talk with our landlord
rozewalker: or a good bark, as it were

Well, you never know.


what's up with your landlo?
I also wonder if our discontent will give birth to meaningful action. Does being fed up equal being willing to get off of our asses? I bet your mom and Grandma Ruth have a great view of it all now...
what are you doing for the 4th?
tifanie | 07.01.04 - 1:14 pm | #

Dick Cheney gets booed, your mom goes to the aquarium, and Belle kicks some landlord butt.

It's all so beautiful.
Pammikins | 07.01.04 - 5:15 pm | #

landlord no let me have doggy. landlord mean. landlord let other people in building have doggy. bah.

as far as getting off our asses, if i just knew how and when to get off my ass i would. i took a first step today by getting some voter registration cards from the post office to get people registered. i guess that's something. it's no woodstock, but whatever.
a | Homepage | 07.01.04 - 5:21 pm | #

No, it's good.
Landlo, however is bad. I really wish you could have a doggie. That's completely unfair. The universe wants you to have a doggie, too. Why must your landlo fight the universal forces?
Bleepin' landlos...
tifanie | 07.01.04 - 6:54 pm | #

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