I'm working at CNN, in the newsroom. It's pretty much nothing like I expected. It is cramped, and sloppy, and kind of ramshackle. I am convinced that this is how reporters like it. David thought it would be hilarious to walk the halls saying, "THIS...is CNN. THIS...is CNN." I have a TV in my office with links to all the CNN live feeds. This is endless amusement. It has been rather educational to watch a reporter, who had just interviewed the family of the guy who is prisoner in Saudi Arabia, fuss with how to best say "The aunt...says she is NUMB. The AUNT says...she is numb. The aunt SAYS she is...numb." She then got mad at someone for asking her to do it over again, when she felt her first take was "the most poignant." It's just showbiz, folks.

In my freshman year of high school, in honors English class, I met a girl who said I reminded her of Anne of Green Gables. Well, she had definitely spoken the Secret Code. We've cracked slates over a few boys' heads since then, gotten drunk on raspberry cordial, dyed our hair green, and we're still friends. She's got a new site that you should check out, and in the comment field you should bug her about posting the Tarot she is making. Also, husband is posting pics again.

Oh God. I just learned that the hostage was killed in Saudi Arabia. This is CNN.


Reality is way overrated. And anyway, it isn't real. Really.

Christiane Amanpour, however, is rapidly approaching deification status.
Pammikins | 06.18.04 - 4:39 pm | #

you are at cnn now?? can't wait for future posts!!
Shawn | Homepage | 06.19.04 - 3:03 pm | #

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