HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet brother Shawn, whom I love better even than dark chocolate and sandmans and corgi puppies.

The meeting last night was a bit low-key, with five people attending. It was extremely cool, though, how the thing was set up. Chuck managed to get his laptop hooked up to the TV, and we got to watch the map of the US light up with all the different meetings and polls and whatnot. Mr. Moore, after babbling a bit, urged everyone that the most helpful thing to be done is get people registered to vote. 50% of our country's citizens are not registered, if you can imagine. So MoveOn.org is organizing some kind of voter registration drive on July 11th, which we will attempt to do although as you all well know, I am death when it comes to making phone calls.

I checked my phone last night to see a text message from Ashley: "HOLY PHANTOM OF THE OPERA TRAILER, BATMAN!!" HOW DID I MISS THIS? It's time for an Extreme Nerd Confession: Many of you newer friends might not know this about me, but for a long stretch of time (age 15 through...25?), Phantom was my life. I have read the book probably 20 times, know the musical inside and out, sang the music and many recitals, and was generally obsessed with it from every angle. It's how I'm built, I think, when I love something. I don't just have a tender affair with Concepts, I completely devour them.

I was sure that my life goal would be attained when I finally played Christine in the ALW stage production, as my voice is very well suited to the role. I've starred in non-Webber versions of the show twice, but I can tell you it surely wasn't the same. When I got to New York, I had several very very successful auditions with the Phantom casting directors, culminating in a possible slot in a new mounting of the show in Basil, Switzerland. They eventually lost that casting contract, so that went nowhere. That was the closest I got, because I later found out that Christine's costumes cost upwards of $2,000 each to make so they don't make a lot of them, and they don't cast anyone over 5'7" for the role. I was devistated. It's still a sore spot in my heart. So as you can imagine, this film coming out is both incredibly exciting and incredibly painful for me. It's lemon in a still-open cut, knowing that something I was SO SURE would be a part of my life...is not, and probably never will be.

As David and I were watching the trailer online, he just said, "God, I can't believe your Mom won't be here to see this." I can't either, for it was a shared obsession. She was equally passionate about Phantom, and took me all the way to Los Angeles to see it for the first time on January 26, 1990. We went back on two seperate occassions after that to see it, and have pictures backstage looking positively loopy standing with Michael Crawford. When she started slipping into her coma, it was Phantom and Carousel that Victoria and I sang to her. It was what she loved.

And, now, something in me has moved on from it. It feels like a dream that has been living in an attic for so long that the dust has permanently discolored it. It's not me anymore. It's an old ghost of me: a girl who was too painfully shy to live in the real world, so she lived fondly in the dreams of dark underground lakes and singing until your heart gives out.

...but still, I'm terribly excited because I watched the trailer frame by frame and they used a part from the book that's not in the musical (mirrored torture chamber, Ash and Lynette). Oh LORD, I'm such a geek.


i burn, i pine, i perish!

If it's possible to feel every feeling you've ever had in your life all in a flash, then that is what just happened. The movie! I don't even know what to feel. My brain is melting. The only words I have are yyAAAAahhh! MUUUUAAAaaaah! RIIIIIIIIIH!

What else can you say, when violently colliding with your 15 year old self?

But as for Camilla, I'm sure she's seen it. They must have fabulous preview screenings in heaven.
tumtum tree | Homepage | 06.29.04 - 10:24 am | #

But, alas. No Persian. *sigh*
Anomalous | 06.29.04 - 11:13 am | #

are you sure we weren't seperated at birth? 'twin peaks' and 'phantom'?!

seriously. i was obsessed. roughly the same time you were. i wrote a fan letter to michael crawford when he was still performing it at the majestic theater in nyc. he wrote back, of course. that photo sat on my nightstand for... gosh... years. and in the summer of 1989 - if i remember correctly - my parents took me to l.a. to see him in it.

that obsession represents a very rough time in my life. one of difficult transitions and of breaking of ties and of lost innocence. i still have a hard time listening to the music. it takes me back to clinging to self and sanity by a thread.

i want so badly to see the movie, but i don't know if i'm ready to meet my 13 year old self at the theater. maybe somewhere in a parallel universe your wee self and my wee self will hold hands and watch it together.

byronicwoman | Homepage | 06.29.04 - 12:27 pm | #

BENTLEY, GEEZ: i, too, wrote to mr. crawford and got a letter back, which i framed and had on my dresser for many years. wow. it's kind of strange that you and i didn't talk more in college, isn't it?

and you all pinned it exactly. it will be visiting our younger selves. i'm afraid. recently i got all pompously upset that the girl cast as Christine is only 18. then i realized that i played Christine at 18. YOIKS.

still, though, in the book christine is in her mid-20s. garumph. and you're right, doob, there will NEVER be The Persian (except in the one i'm directing in my mind), and that's sad.
a | Homepage | 06.29.04 - 1:07 pm | #

well... see... ummmmm... after seeing you in 'marat/sade' and then 'hydrogen jukebox,' i had this kinda intimidated hero-worship thing towards you. so i just tagged along with shawn and basked in your adriana-ness. don't laugh. i'm cereal.

plus, as an english major, i never felt 100% a part of the theatre department. (ironically, the english department pretty much wrote me off as a 'theatre person.' and there is surely NOTHING worse in the eyes of literary scholars. it's about on par with prostitution.)

but we're fixing all of that now, huh? yay!
byronicwoman | Homepage | 06.29.04 - 1:29 pm | #

OH MY GOD. I have so much to reply to I don't even know where to begin. I don't even know who you ladies are (except for adriana who I do know and David who is not a lady) but I think you are all my cosmic soul twins.

When I first realized what I was watching, I thought two things immediately:

1. "God, I can't believe your Mom won't be here to see this."


2. " i still have a hard time listening to the music. it takes me back to clinging to self and sanity by a thread."

And I love this:

"But as for Camilla, I'm sure she's seen it. They must have fabulous preview screenings in heaven."

I bet she's sitting next to Lon Chaney and Claude Reins who are both throwing popcorn at the screen.

I love you, A.
ashleyface | 06.29.04 - 6:46 pm | #

Ashley, with the Chaney/Reins comment you have officialy become one of my top 10 funniest people of ALL TIME. You are now in the inner circle of yucks. So there.
Anomalous | Homepage | 06.30.04 - 11:09 am | #

I suddenly remember your the infamous "note" we found that contained THE SECRET about your connection with Phantom....I'll still keep the secret
Gabriella | 07.03.04 - 11:05 am | #

I am so excited to hear you are helping with moveon.com I have found in my experience with the "phone-calling" making up names puts a nice spin on things and helps with the dreaded "Hi, I'm calling to get you off your sorry butt so you can actually vote DON'T YOU REALIZE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR COUNTRY?? Thanks and have a good night"
I did see 9/11 and found myself cringing at the beginning as I remembered election night as if it were yesterday. Although I can't begin to express the frustration about the outcome...I breathe in and out 4-years later and begin the calling again, "Hi, My name is Buffie and I am calling....."
Gabriella | 07.03.04 - 11:12 am | #

Buffie? WAHAHAHAHAHHA. I'll have to remember that.
a | Homepage | 07.07.04 - 9:43 am | #

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