Friday night was a veritable carnival on Vermont Ave as huge crowds gathered to see Fahrenheit 9/11. All shows were sold out, and the mood was optimistic and hopeful. The crowd cheered and gasped and clapped and registered their patriotic outrage. Now, in general I'd say that my neighborhood is The Choir as far as being preached to in Anti-Bushiness, but still I was surprised at the force and charisma at which people turned out. But most surprisingly, the whole country turned out for this film.

My personal review is this: the issues presented in this film are ones that have been known to me for some time now, so there wasn't any big surprise. I think that Moore stayed more in the background in this film and let the facts present themselves, which is good because people have real issues with him as a movie presence. I felt he was rather more gentle on the Bush administration than I expected him to be. What I felt was important was that the film speaks to those who are not informed and have been going along thinking that it is not their responsibility to care. My feeling is that I've stepped aside long enough waiting for someone else to Do Something. So, all of our friends in town, come tonight to our place (well, actually Chuck's place upstairs) and we'll watch this town meeting and figure out a way to change the world.

...and don't you think it's a HILARIOUS CO-INCIDENCE that America handed over Iraq's sovereignty today, a few days EARLY?

Saturday was a gorgeous blessing, attending the renewal of vows of our dear friends Pam and Kevin. They were radiant and full of bliss, and it was an honor to be there on their 10th anniversary to see them affirm their love and the life it is bringing forth. The decorations were lovely, the food delicious, and the service was performed with a gentle respect for all attending faiths.

Through all this pain recently, I have been witness to so much joy in my loved ones. It is a season of abundance: bringing change, loss, and rebirth. I hardly know if I ought to be weeping or laughing most of the time. My good friends tell me to honor that, and live in the ambiguity. I am doing that, because I haven't any other choice. Still, all I can think is that the only thing that is going to Save My Soul and get me through this is music. Well, that and some good dark chocolate.


Will be seeing the film this week, can't wait to talk about it.
And on the chocolate front, grab a bar of Le Noir Amer from Trader J's.
It's 71% cacao, I tell ya!!! Look for the black label. And oh yeah, I still love ya.
Shawn | Homepage | 06.28.04 - 7:07 pm | #

Shawn is right about the chocolate- one of the best available in the states. Could not agree more about the movie. By the way, did you see the ad on the front page of It makes you wonder if the people in charge of Bush's image are truly that stupid, or just doing their subversive part to make sure he doesn't get re-elected....hmmm....have fun tonight!
tifanie | 06.28.04 - 8:01 pm | #

I love you, babe.

Whatever of my joy I can share with you, I do so gladly.

Whatever of your sorrow I can share with you, I also do gladly.
Pammikins | 06.30.04 - 10:52 am | #

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