Maiden of Flowers, open the door,
Smith of souls, come you in
Let there be welcome to the growing strength
Let there be welcome to the Summer of the Year
In bud and blossom you are traveling
In fruit and fragrance you will arrive
May the blessed time of Beltane
Inflame the soul of all beings
Bringing energy and effort to conflagration
From the depths to the heights
From the heights to the depths
In the core of every soul

Last night, I read my dream as if it were a graphic novel. Panel by panel, I followed the story of myself as I traveled in some desert, more Tattooine-ish and less Albuqerque. There was a force after me from which I had successfully been escaping. In the middle of this vast desert, I came upon myself, or rather, my Soul made human. She had made a bargain with someone, in order for me to survive. We were no longer one. She walked through a mirror to stave off the evil, and I walked on, soul-less but safe.


What an incredible woman you are...sometimes a little seperation is neccessary, but she will come back to you when you are ready for Everything. I wish all good things for you -you are on my mind strong, my dear friend.
tifanie | 05.04.04 - 3:32 pm | #

We buried the Cailleach--the last wheat sheaf from Fall Equinox--at Beltaine this year, as is the ancient custom. It is Aine's time, now. But she and an Cailleach are sister-souls, each carrying the other. They are never truly separated.

Blessings of the once-and-always May Queen upon you, my love. A kiss on your brow.
Pammikins | 05.05.04 - 9:59 am | #

Prayers and an offering to Brigid were given at the fire, for you and your mom.
Pammikins | 05.05.04 - 10:00 am | #

Shawn | Homepage | 05.09.04 - 5:03 am | #

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