The day after Belle died, apparently little Evan, son of my amazing cousin Christina, told my Aunt Maria that he saw Belle running around in her backyard. "Oh you mean a few weeks ago, honey?" she said. Belle had been at my Aunt's for a few weeks after my Mom returned from the hospital this last month. "No, today. Belle was there!" My Aunt told me about this, so I asked Evan myself, at his third birthday party on Saturday (the theme was dinosaurs), and he confirmed that he did indeed see Belle on Friday in Aunt Maria's backyard. My doggy! What a beautiful gift this sensitive child gave me on that day. Whether it was real or his imagination, I like to think my doggy has forgiven me and is joyfully bouncing through fields of grass and bones and bunnies.

...and I'm still here with Mom, taking the days as they come, waking the nights as they fall.


Kids are so much more tuned into things than adults are; I vote that Evan really saw lovely Belle.
Lisa | 05.18.04 - 8:37 am | #

You know that dogs are the mythic gatekeepers to the otherworld? Particularly in the mythos for your current neck of the woods. I think he did see her. I think she's helping.

And I'm still here, sending you love.
Pammikins | 05.20.04 - 1:52 pm | #

My heart aches for you with what you are going through.I am so glad you have David to help you thru it. I would have been totally lost without Mike to help me thru my losses last year. I send my love to all of you. Please tell your mom for me and give her a hug for me.
Evelyn (Aunt Evie would be mor | 05.20.04 - 2:06 pm | #

more and more *hugs*

I wish I had something more tangible to give you.
Maure | 05.21.04 - 6:55 pm | #

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