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I never know how much to say about what's going on here with my mom. I want to give long arduous accounts of daily minutae but that's unfair to her. I think, now, I can tell you a few things, though. My mom's condition is poor and new complications pop up daily, which we fight as if we are protecting nearby houses as the entire forest burns down. On Friday, we began hospice care for her. The difference between hospice and home healthcare is that she is accepting that there is no longer treatment for her disease. There is only palliative care, to relieve the pain and symptoms. The company also offers counseling, both spiritual and mental, for the patient and her caregivers, of which I will be taking advantage starting tomorrow. Wugga. I need it. I also joined a local gym to assuage the burning fire in my back brought on by the Jaws of Death, commonly referred to in this house as the "bed" where I sleep.

I reluctantly left my love's arms in Phoenix last night, where we had flown to attend the wedding of my dearest friend Tifanie to her Sam. It was one of the most beautiful, honest, lovely weddings I've ever attended. I hope to post pictures, or have David post some soon. They were married by a rabbi under a canopy, and it was a beautiful and sensual moment to watch Tifanie in her gorgeous 1930's gown walk slowly seven times around her beloved. In true America's Funniest Home Videos style, the rabbi then began the ceremony by addressing her as Stephanie, which brought a rolling torrent of giggles until she finally had to correct him. Classic. Along with some beautiful prayers and blessings, they read their own vows to each other, telling of a friendship formed by two adventurers on the hero quest. This is a love that is strong. The woven candle symbolizing the joining of the couple and creation of a third person was truly lovely, and my dear Mike Maiello was able to call it back during the reception by referring to the new person they created as Stephanie.

I think the most important thing to note about this wedding that will truly make it the Greatest Reception in Human History, is that there was no wedding cake per se. "What? That's crazy talk, Adriana!" you say. We didn't need no damn cake. Wanna know why? Two words: CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. You read that right. It was a fountain. Of CHOCOLATE. Flowing freely. The moment that that thing fired up...well...I can tell you my eyes went all googly and my jaw went all numbly. I think that was the moment that all the stress of the last month just melted away in one giant, luscious, overflowing, three-tiered volcanic mountain of chocaconic joy. In other words, I snapped. Strawberries! Bananas! Cheesecake! Dip it all! No one could stop me. David went loony too, and we couldn't figure out why no one else was freaking out like we were. Fools, all.

I saw people there I haven't seen in years, and they were all so strong and beautiful and full of light. They were all fellow actors and artists from college who, all in their own ways, have stayed on their path and followed their dreams, and you can see it in their eyes. They are strong in their knowledge of themselves, and I admire them so much. They help me remember who I am, and what I came here to do (Adriana, here to spread Love and Truth through music, in case you didn't know).

Tonight, Mom received the Big Guns of pain control, so she is finally resting comfortably. I am going to the Jaws of Death to dream of said Big Guns, along with duckies, bunnies, and a certain fountain of chocolate youth...


You sound a little better, but it makes me really sad to hear about all this. Mrf. I know I've said this a million times, but I hope you'll let me know if there's anything I can do. Also, I have a surprise for both of you if there's ever going to be a good time for you to receive it. If not I can always mail it...
ashleyface | 05.10.04 - 11:12 pm | #

A, very sorry how things are progressing for you mom. Courage and strength to all of you.

This chocolate fountain.....was it big enough to, um...get in? 'Cause if it were, I would. To hell with decorum.
William F. House | Homepage | 05.11.04 - 9:00 am | #

I owe you an "r" for that first sentence.
William F. House | Homepage | 05.11.04 - 9:00 am | #

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