Today is my sweet mother's 61st birthday. I just got a call that she was sick all night and is in the hospital. I haven't really been saying much about her progress because it's kind of been in a holding pattern. She has had a hard time getting her digestive system to really start working again after the surgery, so it's just been a daily fight to get the nutrients she needs. She has lost a lot of weight and the doctor has wanted to put her on TPN, which is IV nutrition. My mom has fought it up to today, but I have a feeling that she's not going to have a choice now.

Sometimes I've been able to trick myself into believing that the sky isn't dark, that the storm has passed us. Today is a day where the hail breaks through the shingles and there is no way to deny it.

I was going to report excitedly today that I can now sleep for periods on my right side with no vertigo. It seems like a small victory now. I just want to get well. But then, I'm sure my mom does, too.


Wishing you both well - in the middle of all the good and bad.
William F. House | Homepage | 04.05.04 - 3:28 pm | #

Good thoughts going out to both of you. ((hugs))
Lisa | 04.05.04 - 3:48 pm | #

Hoping for peace of mind, and all my love to your mama...
Shawn | Homepage | 04.05.04 - 6:48 pm | #

One step at a time, my dearies...I have all the hope in my heart focused on you both.
tifanie | 04.05.04 - 10:12 pm | #

Much love... you and your mom are in my prayers. *hug*
Mimi | 04.07.04 - 10:34 am | #

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