"It's not a tumah..."

Great news! MRI results are normal. No brain tumors, YAAAY! I am no April Fool!

The morning in the MRI tube was very odd. I am not claustrophobic, but you really have to go somewhere safe in your mind in such a situation, what with the pounding and the inability to move. They gave me a list of CDs to which I could listen. After skimming and finding nothing but Celene Dion-style options, I saw a handwritten scrawl in the corner, "RADIOHEAD." I asked them which album it was, and when finding it was OK Computer, I opted for "Classical Meditation" music. See, I made the mistake of bringing Kid A once into a dental drilling, and it was a psychotic trip I don't ever want to take again. However, Classical Meditation turned out to be very aggressive orchestral music. I feel bad for the poor old lady who chooses that option and then is assaulted by pounding piano and psycho violins under the swell of machine-gun magnetic pulse banging.

Then it was a quick glimpse of the ocean (the MRI place was in Santa Monica) before seeing Dr. Tom Flashman, who lives up to his name. He was no-nonsense. I couldn't get a word in edgewise. He did, however, pull a nasty, unbelievable amount of wax out of my ears. If you've never had this done, I highly recommend it. It's a very upsetting, very rewarding experience. I am definitely hearing better, and my balance feels better, too. But anyway he had nothing to say except that he is sending me to Balance Therapy clinic thingy, to get CRAAAZY TESTS. I am pumped. I hope I get to do that crazy 60's test at the bottom. He also did the Epley maneuver on me, which was pretty cool. If that's all that it takes to cure some people of their vertigo, then that is magical.

So now, I wait till next Wednesday and get tests. Maybe I'll be cured by then. Maybe I won't need them. I am thinking that April will bring new health for me and everyone I love. There's always something so Hopeful about April.


Maybe when you go to balance therapy you'll get Greg Cox, RPT. Maybe it's my monitor or something, but he looks like he's on the EDGE...
tumtum tree | Homepage | 04.01.04 - 3:43 pm | #

Tom Flashman. I love it.
Shawn | Homepage | 04.01.04 - 4:17 pm | #

I am so happy and relieved it is not a tumah. This whole experience would make an interesting short story. Oh wait, it already has.
tifanie | 04.02.04 - 12:02 am | #

That's brilliant. Good for you (and good for all of us, in a round about way).

Have a great weekend.
William F. House | Homepage | 04.02.04 - 10:45 am | #

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