I'm sorry, I just don't know what to say these days, except thank you. Thank you for your love and support and light, and thanks for all of your letters to Mom. I've sent them off to her at the hospital. I don't have a lot of news yet. She's still there, they're still trying to help her, everyone is worried.

It's hard to keep stress out of the body. It's interesting that when someone you love is suffering, your body takes it and does a shadow dance of its own. I can't decide if it's worse being there and watching it happen or being here and letting my mind make terrible pictures.

In the Here and Now department, the gorgeous car that my mom helped make happen has arrived with the help of David's parents. It is a little slice of heaven to be able to drive in such a nice, smooth, automatic vehicle. Because it is a Matrix, we settled on the name "The Merovangian", or Merv when we're tired. I looked in all the secret compartments, and in one I found that my mom had tucked away a St. Francis prayer card and a Sacred Heart card. I find myself touching them while I'm driving, just to make sure they're there. To make sure I'm here, that mom still exists. Why is it when someone is out of your sight they feel so intangible? If you really long for them, they slip further and further away in your mind. It seems a cruel trick.

Still, I feel that nagging little bug Hope nipping on my fingers. I hope to have good news soon.


That's excellent news about the car. And you know what you need to cheer up? Lean in...I'm only gonna say this once.

Gas up the Merv and head on over to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. A few Carol C. Specials will do the trick.

'S all I'm sayin'.
William F. House | Homepage | 04.14.04 - 11:50 am | #

The previous comment was brought to you by Lead Balloons Incorporated, by the way.

signed - Will *who can't believe he didn't get any yard bird love for the Roscoe's mention*
William F. House | Homepage | 04.16.04 - 10:16 am |

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