I was discouraged yesterday. I didn't sink too far into it, though, I promise. Thank you, all my lovely friends, for your strong arms. I know that I can't intertwine my own healing with my mom's. I also am reminded that my victories are my own (thank you, lady P).

Mom might possibly have had food poisoning from a well-intending neighbor's donated (*insert expletive here*) lasagna. They're not quite sure. Either way, she's doing much better today. She's home now and recovering. It felt so good just to hear her voice, telling me she's doing better, talking of the birds in the backyard and the jonquils in bloom. The TPN is still on hold but might be enstated by the end of the week.

Tonight, hubby's parents pick up a certain new family member and prepare to bring him/her (not sure yet) out here to meet us. Meanwhile, I've been riding l'autobus. The bus is fun in a New Yorky kind of way, but their idea of working on a prompt timetable leaves something to be desired. I've actually had the time to dive into His Dark Materials, which is something I've wanted to read for a long time. I wonder, have you ever had vertigo and read a book while riding a huge boat-rocking bus? It's fun. You should do it.


Ooo...what color?

Give your in-laws my love.
Lisa | 04.06.04 - 3:36 pm | #

yes, love to the in-laws!!!
Shawn | Homepage | 04.07.04 - 3:47 am | #

big hugs to you and your Mom. You want that I should send some of da family to "talk" to the well-intending neighbor?
Maure | Homepage | 04.07.04 - 2:09 pm | #

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