I got a really nice package this week from Morning Glory Essentials, a company that makes home-mixed essential oils. The Tension Tamer for headaches is saving me from going postal at work, and the Mesmerize blend is wonderful for massage. I highly recommend these oils, even Shawn the healerboy loved the smells. It doesn't hurt that it's run by a member of the family, too.

Also, today marks the return of Ashley's blog, and this is a great place to join in because she is starting over.

And...there's a car heading this way with the names "david" and "adriana" on it...


Love love love the aromatherapy site!! Gonna purchase soon!
Shawn | Homepage | 04.03.04 - 3:08 am | #

You guys are too, nice. *blushing*
Lisa | 04.03.04 - 7:40 am | #

A new Endless car? Woohoo! Details soon, yes?
Pammikins | 04.03.04 - 11:55 am | #

Car! Eeeeeee! Piccies when it comes please.

Also, kinda behind but: not tumah = good

Hang in there! *snugz!*
Mimi | 04.03.04 - 1:11 pm | #

By Blogger adriana, at Wednesday, October 03, 2007 8:16:00 PM  

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