Hey Everyone,

I know I'm always asking for prayers, good thoughts, and light and all that stuff but...ok, I'm asking again. Mom is back in hospital and could use the good energy.

Down the road, I owe you all BIG TIME in the Love department, and I know it.


hey beautiful, you need not promise future Love. we feel it now, and know we always will. I know I am not alone is saying that my little old Love store is always open for you and your ma, and the shelves are well stocked. Special Deliveries currently en route to ABQ and LA.
tif | 04.08.04 - 10:43 pm | #

Isn't that what friendship is about? Getting support you need, when you need it and not worry about owing it, because it's always reciprocal? As always, good thoughts & prayers going to your mom, but to you as well, because it's hard to see loved ones in pain.
Lisa | 04.09.04 - 7:30 am | #

Oh please, as if you actually owe us.

Prayers, good thoughts and good energy are always free of charge or need for reciprocity.

Hey...what if we all sent you some really great emails so that you could print for your Mom? Would that be cool? Just some notes to let her know we're thinking of her via you. If that's not the best idea (in light of something I've not considered), that's okay.
William F. House | Homepage | 04.09.04 - 10:18 am | #

no, that rocks. do it. her name is Camilla Rowe.
a | 04.09.04 - 11:05 am | #

To what email address should we send them?
Lisa | 04.09.04 - 12:20 pm | #

Yeah....should we send them to you?
William F. House | Homepage | 04.09.04 - 12:49 pm | #

And can we post about it on our individual sites? What could be more heartwarming than getting lots of emails from complete internet weirdos?
William F. House | Homepage | 04.09.04 - 12:49 pm | #

I sent one before I even saw this, and forwarded it to you. I love you both, sending all my luff.
ashley | 04.10.04 - 5:20 pm | #

yeah, send them to a@adrianaroze.com

things arent't great, could use prayers focused on removing obstructions/malfunctions if that makes sense.
a | 04.10.04 - 6:56 pm | #

I just posted to my site regarding the emails. Will send mine soon.
William F. House | Homepage | 04.11.04 - 7:02 am | #

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