Adriana's Adventure With V-Lab, Part the 11th

Today marks Week Eight of this thing. In celebration, I went to balance testing, and boy is my brain tired. I think my Wackyness Ensuing alarm went off when I entered the office and saw that it was filled with framed posters of Hitchcock's Vertigo in all different languages. I tried to be polite but I couldn't stop snickering. I was ushered to the back room to find all sorts of computer instruments (including a Playstation?!?) awaiting me. The hooked electrodes up to my face and had me stare at spots on the wall whilst moving my head all jiggly and such. Then there were moving stripes on the wall that got faster and faster and I had to count them. It was so freakin cool. Then he moved my head around on a table to get me to go dizzy. The best part is, no water in ears. He said it's an old and barbaric practice. Good man, this...dude (I never caught anyone's name or title). He showed me the readout: yes, definitely inner ear virus; yes, it will definitely go away eventually; yes, it's in both ears; yes, it sucks. Worst readouts are when moving head from side to side. I got a list of exercises to do that seem to involve a poker deck, head shaking, and long hallways.

Then, I was shuttled down the hall to the...i guess Hearing test my hearing. She stuck a big machine in my ears and created pressure. It made me go all flooey. She then locked me in a box and made me listen to faint noises. It was distressing, but I passed. Falcor, my Luck Dragon, has saved me from hearing loss. Huzzah!

So, basically, I was right all along, and I'm glad it's not something worse. He affirmed that the brain fog is due to the fact that the eyes can't reckon its input with the balance center's, and so the brain is working hard all day, causing fatigue. He said to go to sleep when I'm tired (*gasp*) because there's nothing I can do to fix it or get my energy back. He also affirmed that I should not be taking the Antivert unless absolutely necessary because it slows the healing process, and it's addictive (interesting that none of the other docs told me this).

Why am I telling you all of this? I don't know, I guess because it's interesting from a geeky standpoint. Plus if you are hanging out with me and can't figure out why I'm acting all weirdo, you'll know better. The brain rules. Mine is coming back. Whoooah.


Wait a minute, dude....this doesn't sound like a doctor visit. Did anyone offer you X? And was there music with a really high BPM?

I think you inadvertently wandered into a rave.
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