Um. so.


I got knocked off my it were. I'm feeling much better now. It is, indeed, not all gone, and today I started taking a drug called Prednisone. My doctor warned me, when prescribing said drug, that I should not go looking up the side effect symptoms because I would freak out and not want to take it. So, it's her fault for putting the idea in my head, but I looked it up. GOOD MOSES, I am a little jumpy now. Rapid weight gain, hair gain (!!), profuse sweating, sleeplessness, and extreme depression are at the top of the list.

I guess this is a warning, then. If I get Suddenly Fat and Evil, you will know why. Hopefully the two weeks will fly by without incident, but from what I've been reading I expect to be hunched in a corner with a bag of donuts and screeching like Gollum. Please, if this happens, someone must put me out of my misery. It's taken me two years to lose this weight and... oh lord, I won't think on it.

Don Winsor, you would have ruled the Oscar party. You crack me up. Things went well, though. I was conscious, for one thing, and people came all smiley and happy. Food entries included Johnny Dipp, Grinding Nemo (seafood pate), Santori Times (with Bill Murray on the bottle), KFCBiscuits n' Gravy, "C"Biscuits, Found Nemo (grilled fish), and lots of Lost in Translation entries like sushi, pancakes, and such. The winner, however, was the Denethor Flambe, a casserole with burnt chicken on the top that was just freakin hilarious, and hot as hell.

The show wasn't worth discussing except to say hooray for Mr. Jackson and Liv, you can wear those glasses for me anytime, baby.

Oh, and just one more thing...


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