Spent the weekend in deep recuperation and am doing much better, thank you. Soon, I can feel it, I will be in my Right Head again, and then you'd just better look out.

In the meantime, YIPPEE!! The Endless site has a brand new design, a new forum section, lots of fun, lalala. It is now everyone's civic duty to come check it out. I want to get that forum going, so post away, my friends. We need to get the Fans mobilized. I think everyone will agree that David's gorgeous site design is such a lovely testament to his style, with the wonderful help of Mimi Ko's lush photos.

And then here at my site, I have added some new pics to the Photos page from some old shows: Lend Me A Tenor, and Me and My Girl (my best Bea Arthur impression). On the Fun page, a few fun things including my recent MRI. Diagnose me!

In response to my Prednisone Moonface terror, Lynette has made the following prognostication for me.


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