So, I've kind of been avoiding posting because these drugs have made me a little bitty nutty. Nutt-TAY. Just kind of foggy. So, until this whole thing is over, well...well, I can't wait for it to be over. It's almost over. I went to my first workout (gyrotonics) on Tuesday to see how the whole balance thing is going and it's not bad at all. I can do most things except bending head down, where blood rushes to head. Then I get all cruise-shippy. I also discovered I've lost 8 lbs, which makes me the first person in human history to lose weight on Prednisone. I'm not complaining.

But I do have fun to report: we got to see Bob Odenkirk perform a bit on Tuesday night, and he was swell. Next week: David Cross. Too bad not together. There's a little hep comedy thing going on here on Tuesdays at this place called M Bar, and we're trying to soak it up. I told David (hubby, not Cross) the other night that I've ingested more comedy in the last, say, nine months, than the rest of my entire life put together. I've needed it. Hyuck.

So, uh...I want all yous guys, because you are my friends, to help me out a bit by going over to the new Endless forums and posting some crap. Any old crap. It don't matter none. It'll be fun, I promise. I swears by the precious.


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