OK OK, it's not a major trauma. David and I are just babes in the woods when it comes to buying a car (which is what we need to do). Somehow we thought that only Richie Rich could buy a car, but you know what? It's not that big of a deal. Well, it is, but it isn't. What's harder is finding a car that is environmentally friendly, affordable, and still able to hold a LOAD of band equipment. We have found what we think might be a good option, and are looking into it.

In the meantime, our current car is actually somewhat drivable, in the academic sense. It just has no first gear. This can lead to all sorts of comical and dangerous situations, but it gets you there, albeit somewhat strangely. So while we figure out new car, old car will have to do.

I think David said it best, "I'm buying a car. I'm officially an Adult. *shudder*"

Wanna know what else? We got a fishy. It's name is Fishy, I think, and it's a blue and purple Betta fish. We had this sad, lonely, empty fish bowl from our Oscar party and we decided to get our first pet. Look, don't scoff, our building won't let us have doggies or anything, so this is the best we can do. Can you believe that I'm somewhat nervous about having to take care of something? What am I, some kind of Hugh Granty-rakish-bachelor person, who can't even commit to taking care of a fish? Well, I'll prove them wrong. I'll prove them ALL wrong. You'll see. That's going to be the happiest, most fulfilled betta fish to ever not eat his opponent in battle.

Update on the Dizzy front: I'm still dizzy. Film at eleven. Going to docs this week, thank god.

What's that? There's some kind of announcement at The Endless site? Interesting.


Congrats on the car thing. I've had a few different cars in my life, as you have, but only just 2.5 months ago bought my first one. I highly recommend a nice roomy Dodge Intrepid. I can carry SO MUCH STUFF in my car. I carry my life from gig to gig in it, so I'm thinking some band gear would fit pretty easily. I love my car. It's dark blue, looks vaguely like Knight Rider (VERY vaguely, and mainly just because I want to think that) and its name is Burgundy. Because it isn't.

Let me know what you wind up getting! I just did the whole shopping around thing, so if you need any words of wisdom I might have one or two. I almost bought three other different makes before I got my Intrepid.
don | Homepage | 03.29.04 - 4:09 pm | #

I think the ASIMO was the robot Jesus in The Passion. Or, at least, auditioined for it.
Anomalous | 03.29.04 - 4:28 pm | #

wednesday night concert?? I'll be there!!!! YES!!!!!!!
Shawn | Homepage | 03.29.04 - 4:49 pm | #

re: Performance
...... &%$#~!!!!!!!! I'll be in HK!!!!

There are not enough expletives in the world to describe my feelings right now. Argh. X_X
Mimi | 03.29.04 - 6:52 pm | #

Then again, HELLBOY.
Hellboy | Homepage | 03.30.04 - 9:15 am | #

Hellboy = Dumbboy
Anomalous | 03.30.04 - 12:32 pm | #

My version of car-buying is to do just enough research to feel like you can honestly say you did, then tightly close your eyes, punch anybody who comes into your personal zone, sign whatever is underneath the pen, and drive whatever they give you the keys to to the nearest margarita hole, where you will pretend that no such thing happened to you, and in fact, you are actually returning from a stint as a space cowboy, during which you flew sub-legally altered ships in and out of sub-legal zones, made some enemies and a few credits, and had some holoscreen-worthy low-g sex.

Film at 11.
Pammikins | 03.30.04 - 1:49 pm | #

There was genuine sympathy encoded in that transmission. I swear.
Pammikins | 03.30.04 - 1:51 pm | #

(Hellboy = dumbboy) = having not read the books! Seriously. I really highly recommend a read, then seeing Hellboy opening weekend. You'll thank me.

I hope. I'm going out on a limb here.

Saw "Jersey Girl" today. Wow.
don | Homepage | 03.30.04 - 5:00 pm | #

hellboy rocks. so na.
Shawn | Homepage | 04.01.04 - 4:41 am |

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