OK, I'll elaborate. My energy is scattered. I'm trying to pare down, and realize that I don't always have to be accomplishing something. This is a lifelong belief that I'm only just now challenging. Constant busyness leads to a false sense of responsibility for things that often are out of my control or have absolutely nothing to do with my well-being.

I've used myself up, to the point where my brain had to knock me out just so I'd shut up for a while. I've had to literally stop thinking so much. It's been good. This has nothing to do with smarts, this has to do with focus.

If I were a river, I'd not be drinkable right now.

So I'm self-cleaning, focusing only on the movement of water on rock. I'm learning what is worth putting energy into, and that rest is not lazyness. I'm...calming down, I guess.

Feel free to remind me I said this at any future date if my hair starts growing snakes again.


When you get in a frenzied mood, do what I do. Revert reactionarily to a state where frustrations are expressed through vocally punctuated, exaggerated stomping.

Then walk around for an hour or two refusing to communicate other than through "biiiiiiip"
dw | Homepage | 03.19.04 - 12:52 pm | #

Sweetheart, remember, before you can take care of your Art, or your Hubby, or your friends, or whatever, you need to take care of #1 first. ( You!!) So just be seaweed for awhile. Let it all flow through. You are not behind and you are not at a loss. Rest, feed the imagination, and laugh. Eat some chocolate. You'll be reset in no time. Love you.
Shawn | Homepage | 03.19.04 - 2:23 pm | #

this just in:
http://www.ananova.com/entertain.../ sm_894735.html
a | Homepage | 03.19.04 - 2:32 pm | #

robo-christ? umm. yeah. double up on that chocolate.
Shawn | Homepage | 03.19.04 - 5:10 pm | #

Shawn speaks wisely. I am glad you are learning this lesson, I think it is the key to Everything somehow. Remember, time flows in more directions than one, and you have probably already done most of the things you wish you could do. So, breathe, my friend.
tifanie | 03.19.04 - 11:36 pm | #

You need a big ol' Zen milkshake, kid. No, really.
William F. House | Homepage | 03.22.04 - 1:07 pm | #

Actually, my love, having your hair grow snakes is really cool, in a goddess kind of way.

And never forget that we are human *beings* not human doings.
Pammikins | 03.23.04 - 8:59 am | #

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 10:28:00 PM  

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