Just overheard from some WB executive screaming on the phone in another room: "Do you REALIZE what we spent on The Last Samurai on Academy Promotions alone? 60 MILLION!"


Would you get fired if you let him know how many people 60 million could feed?? Just try breaking it to him gently......
shawn | Homepage | 03.17.04 - 12:32 pm | #

Hey, it wasn't money wasted. They barely even lost!
Maielloclypse the Younger | 03.17.04 - 1:02 pm | #

Aside from the obvious societal wrong this points out, this is very much what is wrong with the Academy Awards these days.
don | Homepage | 03.17.04 - 1:11 pm | #

and fascinating to think that 60 million as an investment in an academy award is worth it, meaning that it will make so much more than that if it wins...(which, i don't know why they'd ever think that movie would win, but that's another matter)
a | Homepage | 03.17.04 - 2:49 pm | #

Maybe they confused Tom Cruise with a hobbit.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 03.17.04 - 7:01 pm | #

he is awfully short and has those twinkly eyes...
tifanie | 03.17.04 - 7:30 pm | #

Tom Cruise is not a hobbit. He's just really short with a Napoleon complex.

No matter how famous I could become, I will never be a villain in a Tom Cruise movie. Why? I'm 6'2", nearly 6'3". He'd never allow it.

Adriana will never play his love interest, because he'd need two milk crates to stand on.

I think Tom Cruise is a putz and, along with Brian Grazer and Harvey Weinstein, someone our film culture could do without.


dw | Homepage | 03.18.04 - 7:18 am | #

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 10:30:00 PM  

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