I've had dreams two nights in a row now that my grandmother (who died two years ago) came back to life and, while still hospitalized and sick, was very much alive and not in a zombie way. No one else in the family seemed concerned or confused by the situation. Still I couldn't seem to talk to her, because it's unnatural. As much as I'd like her to be here, she shouldn't be here. Everything ends for a reason. So I run down endless hospital hallways, and something is after me. Is it Death? And if it is, why isn't she smiling and saying Peachy like she ought?

Saw this amazing documentary last night about the history of Tupperware. Yes, you are saying, "uh...Adriana...the history of Tupperware?" That's right. Seriously, it was fascinating. In suburban America, women were horrified to have to go back to the kitchen after being part of the workforce in WWII. Apparently Tupperware was a major revolution for them in their ability to work and make money. PLUS, it was the first time that food could be stored for long periods of time in airtight containers. Amazing. What's more amazing is the story of Brownie Wise, the company's spokeswoman, who made the company what it was and then was sold out by Mr. Tupper for a bag of magic beans (well...practically). And then...oh forget it.

PS-- I wasn't kidding about The Office.


I think the fact that the two biggest movies in the land are about people returning from the dead has influenced your dreams.

I brought the funny back to my blog, and I'm gradually making it retroactive.
DW | Homepage | 03.23.04 - 11:26 am | #

I used to have dreams that my grandma would come back and talk to me, but in my dream she was like a ghost, because I knew she was dead. It was like she was just dropping in to chat and see what was going on in my life. She was always wearing clothes that she couldn't wear in real life, since she was basically wheelchair bound.
Lisa | 03.23.04 - 2:50 pm | #

You were close to this grandmother, or not? Sometimes, the ancestors have something to say. Maybe you were running, because you couldn't accept the terms of her gift. That's okay. You can decide.

I'm having dreams about bad things pounding on doors. They're not fun, either. But they're messages, too.
Pammikins | 03.23.04 - 5:21 pm | #

close, yes, very. on saturday i left flowers for her and asked for her help, so i suppose i shouldn't be surprised. and in the dream, she is wearing the dress she wore at my wedding. sometimes she is my mom. i think it has to do with illness. UGH, i'm so sick of illness.

bad things on doors: *shudder*
a | Homepage | 03.23.04 - 5:34 pm |

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