I totally forgot to add that I spent the entire day at the zoo trying to find the advertised Polar Bear. I love Polar Bears. I could melt into their big white smooshiness. They could eat me in three bites. Yum. So finally, I'm looking at the map, the map says Polar Bear, but there's no Polar Bear, just some weird Bespectacled Brown Bear, so I find a docent.

"Um...Polar Bear?"
"Yeah, the Polar Bear is dead."
"She died four months ago. She was the oldest Polar Bear in North America." (uh...right)
"But, the bespectacled bear is pretty cool..."


As I always say, the Polar Bear is simply a myth perpetuated by the Jewish media conspiracy to keep penguin agitators from getting out of line.

This is just further proof.
dw | Homepage | 03.13.04 - 3:11 pm | #

Remember the polar bears at the ABQ zoo who had giant blocks of plastic made to look like ice that they played with and chewed upon?

I am sorry they had a sign up for a dead bear. If it made you feel bad, consider the next 4 year old who wants to see it. Scarred for life, man.
tifanie | 03.14.04 - 12:53 am | #

totally. and really, what the hell is a polar bear doing in griffith park, anyway? just like abq, it's so wrong. but i still love them...
a | 03.14.04 - 9:32 am | #

Hey, the bepsectacled brown bear is nothing to sneeze at. Unless you're allergic to 'em, in which case they are something to sneeze at.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 03.14.04 - 11:02 am | #

If God had meant for bears to wear spectacles, he wouldn't have given them x-ray vision.
dw | Homepage | 03.14.04 - 1:17 pm | #

Um, how do you think they got X-Ray vision in the first place? That's right, the spectacles. The Bespectacles, in snazzy scientific jargon.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 03.15.04 - 7:12 am | #

I've never met a bear that I didn't meet.
William F. House | Homepage | 03.22.04 - 1:11 pm |

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 10:33:00 PM  

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