I just wanna crow, because I had the loveliest day. Unemployment RULES, my friends! I finally went the whole five minute trip over to the Los Angeles Zoo, to see what the heck was over there. I've been here for *cough*THREE*cough* years and have never even ventured. So, I ventured.

What I found was really quite a mess. The place is in deep renovation, with what felt like 60% of the place closed, animals moved to other cities or in weird places (koalas in the wallabee hut, etc). But, it didn't matter. The sun was soft, the breeze cool. I was walking. In a straight line, usually. I could feel nature, and wonderfully, the subtle change that is Spring here. Am I finally getting it? The shift is quieter, but it is still there. A cherry limb had pink blossoms.

And again, I'm struck by the gorgeous puzzlement of nature and adaptation. Why oh why do peckorys exist? Mountain goat with giant horns? Hippos? Worst of all, komodo dragons? I felt ever so much as strange and at home as they. There is so much on this planet that I won't get to experience in a thousand lifetimes, and I worry about the most insignificant things.

Fish in light-less caves have adapted. They don't need sight anymore. They're doing fine.

I'm doing fine. My balance returns. I adapt.

But then, THIS! Sometimes the sea lion comes to you.


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