Healer/shaman Shawn Jackson came over last night and whipped my brain into shape with some serious cranial sacral therapy. I have never had my ears manipulated the way he did last night. Wowza, my socks are on fire! This man is very gifted, and if you live in the LA area, he's definitely worth calling for any kind of massage/healing work. He managed to get husband on the table, which is a miracle in itself.

And this morning started nicely with the death (on the freeway exit, mind you) of the clutch in our car. Zippeee!!! Ah, for the car-less, care-free New York days.


Last night, Shawn Jackson sent me to the moon, Alice. I honestly can't recall when I've had a fuller, deeper & more restful sleep.
Anomalous | 03.26.04 - 12:48 pm | #

I'm so happy that the therapy helped you! Yay!!! Sounds like maybe someone I should call, too. (I wonder if he could help me quit smoking?)

Many sorries about your car. Here's hopin' for that rarest of beasts--the honest mechanic.
Pammikins | 03.26.04 - 4:40 pm

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