OK, we need help from all my smarties in the house. We're throwing our yearly stupid Oscar party that has gotten totally out of hand, and we have to serve food themed on the nominated films. I am completely braindead and out of ideas this year. For everyone who is not in town and not coming to the party, I need suggestions, and please don't say Lord Of The Onion Rings. Nominees here.


How about poached clown fish?
Lisa | 02.18.04 - 11:52 am | #

Really. Are you looking for appetizers or main dishes?
Lisa | 02.18.04 - 11:54 am | #

here are many varieties of Big Fish.

Cold Baked Alaskan Mountain? Oh wait, let's not eat a film that's not nominated...

Make some nice maztzo something or some kind of bread appetizer i.e. the elven bread in LOTR...

Lost in Tandori Chicken...

Nicole Kidman Ice Queen... er... cream...

The Omelettes of Belleville...

Finding Nemo, in stick form...

House of Sandwiches and Fog...

Master and Commander ship on a shingle...

Russell Crow (subsitute chicken to taste)

Russett Crowe (tater tots, etc.)

I'm done. I should've been done long ago. Great idea though.
dw | Homepage | 02.18.04 - 1:21 pm | #

Russell Crow! HAHAHAHAHHA!
don, keep going, you're on a roll.
lisa-we need both appetizers and main dishes.
a | 02.18.04 - 2:06 pm | #

I'd start off with a cold mountain of monster mashed potatoes with a mystic river of hot gravy running down the center. Elvenseabreadscuits on the side, obviously. You could hide nemo under some accursed pearl onion lord of the earrings. Drinks could be taken out of a cooler filled with sand and fog- dry ice, baby. And for desert? 21 gram chocolate chip cokeies.

Wish I could be there....
tifanie | 02.18.04 - 8:06 pm | #

damn, baby.
a | 02.19.04 - 9:23 am | #

Gravatar Seabiscuits (stuffed with sausage of indeterminate origin)

Lord of the Rings: Return of the Kingcakes

City of Cod

Pirates of the Carob Bean Ice Cream

Jude Slaw

Capturing the Fried foods

Shohreh Aghdashloo hot dogs - no one know much about them but they sure are good

Marcia Gay Hardtack

Renee Zellwegerkirchtorte
dw | Homepage | 02.19.04 - 10:43 am | #

Lord of the Ring-Dings in um, a cooler.

And pirate food, you gotta have pirate food. Pirates eat rum.

All pirates eat rum.
I eat rum
Thus, I'm a pirate?

I'll try this again later, I've gone all Socratic.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 02.19.04 - 1:07 pm

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