Just quickly-- have had a rough couple of days. The dizzy/headache/throwing up thing came back on Sunday. Spent yesterday at doctors and then in the emergency room. They did tests, including CT scan. They didn't find anything but the new theory is either an inner ear virus or migraine. Was shot up with heavy drugs and have only been awake for a few hours total today. I am SO not up for this right now. More about the comedy of the ER later. Tifanie, I love you, it was your birthday yesterday, and I was thinking of you all day. Also today is my Aunt Maria's birthday. Two people I loves very much. I'm sorry I'm out of it but I am slowly regaining consciousness and will be more with it tomorrow, hopefully. Love love love.


I love you, too- did you get my call? Must talkie as soon as you are able.
tifanie | 02.25.04 - 1:12 am

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 10:07:00 PM  

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