If YOUR agent whom you hadn't heard from in over a year suddenly called and asked your band to play a birthday party, for FREE mind you, would YOU do it? I'll repeat the important part of that: it's a birthday party. And your band is The Endless. Discuss.


WtF?? @_@

I guess the question is... *whose* birthday party?
Mimi | 02.20.04 - 5:46 pm | #

If there will also be a clown, definitely not.
tifanie | 02.20.04 - 7:09 pm | #

If your agent knows people who might even know people who might be useful to you and who will be at the party then, yes. Also, it shows moxie. Also, it's better to play than not, even under adverse circumstances.

Unless those circumstances include clowns.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 02.20.04 - 9:26 pm | #

No clowns.

The Endless "Happy Birthday" song or "Havah Nigilah" might be involved.

I'll chime in with the above, though... WHOSE birthday party? That makes all the difference.

And why? Ask why...
dw | Homepage | 02.21.04 - 7:10 am | #

I think the more important question is-will you both get a piece of cake at the party? That could very well be the deciding factor.
Lisa | 02.21.04 - 8:40 am | #

cake. yes, let them all eat cake.

the party is for the owner of NowCasting.com, apparently, and there will be casting directors there, according to my agent. BUT, it's going to be in the OFFICES of NowCasting, which means it's going to be a dead room with no PA.

my agent also asked if i could "work up a scene" for the event. i said no. that's a very weird thing to ask, don't you think?
a | 02.21.04 - 9:07 pm | #

i too am very anti-clown.
a | 02.21.04 - 9:08 pm | #

Yeah, and while you're at it, could you do a little plate-spinning? Know any magic tricks? I'm going to have to second Mimi's original quote right about now.
tifanie | 02.21.04 - 10:39 pm | #

"Work up a scene?"

What? What does that even mean? For a birthday party?

A sketch? Does he mean a sketch? And if he does mean that, how does that fit with The Endless?

Er... um... Dead room no PA? If that's doable, a nice acoustic set I guess.
dw | Homepage | 02.22.04 - 7:37 pm | #

I disapprove.
ashley | 02.22.04 - 9:41 pm | #

Is there an open bar?
Maure | Homepage | 02.23.04 - 7:47 am | #

I still say go for it. If it's bad, you get a funny blog entry out of it. If you meet some one, that's fantastic. If you don't play I'm not sure what you get out of it.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 02.23.04 - 9:00 am | #

I think you should re-create the scene of "Flowers in the Attic" like Parker Posey did in Waiting for Guffman - but you might not have an agent after that.
Missy | 02.23.04 - 11:35 am | #

Wait...no... the "haven't heard from your agent in over a year" part just clicked in.

What kind of an agent is that, anyway?

"Hmm... need free entertainment... let's call all the people in this drawer and see who bites."

Man, I thought MY agent sucked.

Here you go - Ask your agent whay the DIRECT benefit to you would be in doing the party. Will he take you more seriously and actually work on your behalf if you do it? None of thie ephemeral "it'll be good to be seen by all these people" stuff, it's not good to be seen by all those people if what you're having to do is lame.

Find out what YOU get out of it, and it better not just be cake.
dw | Homepage | 02.23.04 - 3:31 pm | #

Missy- you rule!
tifanie | 02.24.04 - 12:06 am |

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