I got these nails, these big honkin' nails, for the wedding on Saturday, and now I cannot type. How do women do it? I can't get my contacts out of my eyes, and everything I do with my hands produces a clickety clack sound. The only good thing I can think of with these things is that I really do believe I could kill someone with them quite easily.

Beth and Allen's wedding was just wonderful. It was filled with joy, jokes, music, and hilarity, exactly how it should be. If I ever get myself together, I will post pics. Poor David caught my stomach flu and was throwing up just minutes before the ceremony. I felt so badly for him but he knew that a wedding is something that can't be missed, so he braved it. The ceremony took place in a freemason lodge, which lended (that doesn't sound right. lent? no...) a tone of strangeness to the wonderfully wacky goings-on. Lyrics from "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" were read, and they recessed to Back in Black. All tables were arranged by the names of rock bands (we were at R.E.M., the old folks were at Spinal Tap, many male friends at the Erasure table). I think the best moment was watching Allen see Beth walk down the aisle. I knew in that moment that they were going to be happy for a lifetime.

Oh, and I got Valentines in the mail. Lord of the Rings Valentines. From my whole class! I even got one from a friend who heard from a friend that David likes me. Do you think he likes me? Even though I made him barf?


David totally ralphs you.
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