Great essay today on writing, or really pursuing anything that you feel is your calling in life at Neil Gaiman's blog. When I was little (five or six, maybe, still in California: I can see the green gingham curtains), I knew that I was a singer (actor? performer? there should be a combo name) in the way that he realized he was a writer. I think in the end I'm glad to at least have tried, after all, even if I continue to toil in obscurity (like this temp job I'm in right now).

Saw 21 Grams last night at a screening for SAG voters on the Universal Lot. There were like 10 actors there and they all hated it. Actors are stupid. It was gorgeous.


actors. stupid. why? it didn't use to be this way. california? oh. oh yeah.
shawn | 02.05.04 - 2:41 am | #

yeah i wish there were seperate terms for actors and ... whatever these california gold rushers are. it's definitely different.

my suspicion was the reason they hated 21 Grams is not because they disliked the plot or the acting or anything, but because it was told in a non-linear fashion and they just couldn't follow it.

i'd love to know what others thought of this movie.
a | 02.05.04 - 9:31 am | #

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