Diagnosis from neurologist today is viral labyrinthitis, an infection of the inner ear that causes vertigo and nausea. I'm on Antivert, a medication for vertigo, and we have to wait and see what's next. There's not a lot to do but wait. David Bowie or not, this sucks it. And still, plans press forward for Oscar party on Sunday. I must be insane.

PS- obviously I had to cancel the birthday party performance. pfft.


*big hugs* ay least it *sounds* tragic and romantic . . .
Maure | Homepage | 02.28.04 - 5:09 am | #

"Viral labryinthitis" could be a song on your next album...

"Yer givin me viral labrynthitis,
whose symptoms include vertigo and nausea,
It sounds like David Bowie should be blamed
But he's really not responsible"

See, my lyrics need work...
dw | Homepage | 02.28.04 - 7:14 am

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