I just saw a trailer for that damned movie. I hesitate to say this, but everything I've seen about it makes me want to see it.

Except that thing, there.
dw | 02.06.04 - 2:51 pm | #

yeah, the trailer looks gorgeous. i mean, it has Monica Belluci, dammit! but i plan to see it as a movie, not as some goddamn religious phenomenon that everyone else is making it out to be.

the fact that Mel is screening the film to specific christian right focus groups so that they can "spread the Word" and "show their faith" by watching it in the first two weeks of release is deplorable. Plus, it's hard to support a man who makes statements like this:

In an interview with The New York Times, Hutton Gibson told a reporter he doubted the scale of the Holocaust.

"Go and ask an undertaker or the guy who operates the crematorium what it takes to get rid of a dead body," he said. "It takes one litre of petrol and 20 minutes. Now, six million?" this going to have to be one of those movies where I pay for a ticket to something else and then watch it?
a | 02.06.04 - 3:08 pm | #

Remember when Jesus said it was easier for a rich man in a really suped up stock car to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for a poor man in a in used '83 Toyota? Well, I do.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 02.07.04 - 10:47 am | #

oh sweet it fueled on holy water?
shawn | 02.08.04 - 3:44 pm | #

from The Well:

This is a prayer request coming from Rod Handley. Rod discipled the
man who is playing Jesus in Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the
Christ" (Jim Caviezel) when he (Jim) attended the University of
Washington. Rod just had a conversation with Jim and is passing on some
prayer requests regarding the release.

Thought you would be interested in reading this and getting behind it
in prayer.

Dear Prayer Partners: I have a very special request to make of you
pertaining to the upcoming release of Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion
of the Christ" which will open nationwide on Wednesday, February 25.
a | 02.09.04 - 9:51 am | #


This week, Jim and I talked by phone with the help of Erik who remains
one of Jim's closest friends and his accountability partner. My
conversation with Jim this afternoon was almost 25 minutes long. Jim
specifically has asked for a lot of prayer because this movie is under
attack as described below.

I can't share all the details but I will tell you that there have been
current death threats towards Mel, Jim and others involved in bringing
this movie to the big screen. There are strong non-Christian
movements which have arisen in recent days who are extremely hostile
towards the Gospel. There are lies being circulated among the media
pertaining to the film.
a | 02.09.04 - 9:52 am | #

And there are even special interest groups among "Christian" leaders
who are trying to remove certain aspects of the movie to better align
themselves politically which would remove significant truth from the
movie. According to Jim, the film is not yet in final form . it is
still being edited. Jim described an "intense" spiritual war which
appears to be spearheaded from Satan himself.

He is asking for the Body of Christ to fervently pray for the

(1) Strength and physical protection for Mel Gibson (director); Steve
McEveety (producer); Jim & the other cast members; and the team of
editors and production assistants who are trying to finalize the movie
in spite of the heavy spiritual warfare.
a | 02.09.04 - 9:53 am | #

(2) For the Christian community to "show up" in force to view the
movie and to invite EVERYONE to attend with them. Jim stated, "This
movie has the potential to bring the entire world, including the
non-religious to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ." (NOTE: Begin to
pray right now for people you need to invite to see the movie with

(3) For the truth to be clearly communicated among the media, special
interest groups, denominational leaders, etc. Because the film is in
Aramaic, (There WILL be English Subtitles) even the Muslim community
will have an opportunity to hear the message of Christ in a language
which is common among many of them. This could have profound
implications worldwide.

(4) There are some countries (France included) who are not allowing
this movie to be presented to their people. Pray for a breakthrough
into places where the Gospel needs to be shared.
a | 02.09.04 - 9:54 am | #

What Did the Key Actor Learn when Playing "Jesus"

I asked Jim about what he had learned through playing the role of
Christ. He said, "Two words: Unquenchable Fire." He has a passion
burning in his soul and believes this movie is the greatest movie ever
made and it could impact entire nations, including those most hostile
to Christ's message. Jim's prayer is that every person would view the
movie for themselves and then make a decision about Jesus Christ.

Jim asked for my Prayer Team to be notified of these requests and for
this information to be forwarded on to your specific prayer team. Jim
is calling upon the Body of Christ to help thwart the attack of the

Please be fervent in this prayer on behalf of Jim.

Thank you for praying for this movie and specifically my friend

God bless...


Rod Handley
Character That Counts
a | 02.09.04 - 9:55 am | #

Someone should call Rod. He was so kind as to leave his phone number after all...

"The Greatest Movie Ever Made."
a | 02.09.04 - 9:56 am | #

It's the phone number for his ministry. He probably wants people to cal and probably lives for it. On the other hand, do go to his Web site which has "accountability question" quizzes for men and women and couples. It lets you submit your own questions to go along with theirs which include "Have you shared the scriptures with an unbeliever this week?"

I suggested, "have you gotten laid this week?"

But I'm like, immature and stuff.
Maiello | 02.09.04 - 10:59 am | #

man, i fucking LOVE being held accountable.
a | 02.09.04 - 11:23 am | #

I call 1-800-CRANK IT everyday my friend.
Anomalous | 02.09.04 - 12:31 pm | #

i knew it.
a | 02.09.04 - 2:26 pm | #

"the greatest movie ever made," Jim? Tooting our own horn just a little, aren't we?

Pay for another, go see "The Passion." That's a good idea. Let's start a grass-roots campaign.
dw | 02.10.04 - 6:05 am | #

But then the joke will be on you and you'll, um, have to sit through the Passion.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 02.10.04 - 8:14 am | #

OR, we could just have a campaign to have The Last Temptation of Christ to be re-released.
a | 02.10.04 - 9:21 am | #

Personally, if I was making a movie and kept getting hit by lightning, I wouldn't ba asking for God's help anymore.

Hail Eris.

Reverend Bouncetybounce
tifanie | 02.10.04 - 9:42 am | #

Right now I'm doing the most amazing production of Jesus Christ Superstar I've ever seen, much less been part of, so this has been a topic of conversation a lot.
I think it's a nifty idea, I kinda think the controversy might be an intentional marketing gimmick. Think about it...
dw | Homepage | 02.10.04 - 2:17 pm | #

Hey...I want to make a movie about the last week of Jesus' life in the original languages. ( At first I hear he didn't even want to subtitle it. ) ... Hmm, how do I make my money back? How can I ensure a profit? Well... There's a huge groundswell of fundamentalist "Christians" out there who haven't really ever been effectively exploited in the marketplace... We can make it seem IMPORTANT to them that they HAVE to see it... We'll spark a controversy involving some random remark about Judaism that will really turn the Bible-thumpers to us... And once on DVD, we'll make it seem like every home with a bible should have one...

We'll make millions. Billions.

Am I just a little cynical, or does that not sound entirely far fetched?
dw | Homepage | 02.10.04 - 2:18 pm | #

SUPERSTAR RULEZ! lightning or not.
judas | 02.10.04 - 2:19 pm | #

not in the slightest. check out the very convenient cover of Newsweek:
a | 02.10.04 - 2:21 pm | #

YES. Superstar DOES rule. Especially this one.
dw | Homepage | 02.20.04 - 11:08 am

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