The Princess Ball was a mixture of fantastical faery children running around in flouncy dresses and miserable sickness. Isabella was sick as a dog but for some reason the party went on as scheduled, dammit, and I think the other kids (while getting infected) had to be quite impressed by the massive castle my brother built in their living room. A maze of gray-painted boxes, it truly was a kid dream, including a drawbridge and little flying banners bearing Princess standards. Very cute. Fun moments included watching the girls trying to "pin the horn on the unicorn", each of them crying when the blindfold came off to find they were nowhere near the horse's head, my cousin noting how phallic the whole process was, and then watching the Big Kid win all the games by sheer brute force.

Last night it rained for several hours like someone was splashing their galoshes into a giant overfilled bathtub in the sky. This city just can't seem to handle rain, and sure enough our power was out by 9 PM. We ended up having a cuddle with candles, telling thrilling tales of ghosts and projectile vomiting. You'd be amazed how many vomit stories can be told in a few hours' time.

There's more but for the moment I am in Scooby Doo Too hell. Later.


Ya~ I'm back too! *^o^* Jetlagged as all hell, but back. ^_^;

Call me! So I can Whup You for this Distressing Lack of Holiday CD! :P
Mimi | 02.03.04 - 3:37 pm | #

oh no. at least take comfort in knowing you're not the only one.
a | 02.03.04 - 5:37 pm | #

Ooooo, that sounds like so much fun! I think I want a Princess Ball for my birthday this year . . .
Maure | Homepage | 02.04.04 - 7:01 am | #

a -- Nah, don't worry about it. I *wub* you too much to whup you anyway! :P
Mimi | 02.04.04 - 11:55 am |

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