As a new member of SAG, I get to vote in the SAG Awards this year. This is fun for me. I am getting things in the mail, like free passes to movie theatres and such. Screenings galore! Oh, the joy of judging my peers. Ok, they're not my peers, but I am going to judge the hell out of them anyway. Here is the list of the nominees. I've got the film thing covered but I must admit, I know nothing about this TV stuff. Does anyone out there have any educated opinions/suggestions on voting in these categories? Not that I'd let you influence my vote in any way. No, sir. I'm not that kind of girl.


Wouldn't voting on the television stuff be a bit beneath you? I say abstain!
Maiello | 02.06.04 - 8:48 am | #

yeah, i looked all over the ballot but it says nothing about being able to abstain, so i'm not sure.
a | 02.06.04 - 10:00 am | #

t.v.? whats that?
shawn | 02.08.04 - 3:41 pm | #

Just vote for whoever has the funniest name
Anonymous | 02.09.04 - 12:23 pm | #

Just vote for 6 Feet Under when possible, or the West Wing. I haven't seen Angels in America yet, but somehow it already pisses me off.
tifanie | 02.10.04 - 9:44 am

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