Ok, my out-of-towners can see it at the other website. It's a huge 1/4 page ad in this week's LA Weekly, LA's equivalent of the Village Voice. Squeeee.... I have my friends Mikey Holmes and Sasha Menendez to thank for all of this. Princes, all.


Fabulous... Thanks for thinking of us out-of-towners. Couldn't find out what was on LA Weekly page 86 online, so I was quite sad yesterday. But now that frown is...well you know the rest.
Lisa | 01.09.04 - 11:27 am | #

hot dang, you're cute, lisa
a | 01.09.04 - 3:40 pm | #
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh~~~!!!!! x_X Muchmuch snugz to you! Yaaaay~!! *^o^*

Also: I'm like 14 timezones away, and suddenly I see that shot in all its half tone dot black and white newsprint glory? (You realize it's the first time anything I've done has seen print? Damn. *boggle*)
Anonymous | 01.09.04 - 8:23 pm | #

Crap, um, forgot to put my name to that just now. ^_^;;;;;;;;;
Mimi | 01.09.04 - 8:24 pm | #

MIMI, you ARE THE FREAKIN BOMB! Your picture looks amazing, even behind stupid fake grass and in half tone b/w. YOU ROCK!

PS-when you coming home?...er...back?
A | 01.09.04 - 10:02 pm | #

That is friggin' fantastic. I'm glad I got to see it- I was shivering with anticipation. It's nice to have friends with exceedingly good taste, isn't it? You guys are beautiful, and deserve all goodness.
tifanie | 01.10.04 - 12:40 am | #

*dances around*

I'm not evading your question, I just still don't have a ticket in my hand. But it should be around 25th-ish. ^_^; *embaressed laughter*

*dances around some more*
Mimi | 01.15.04 - 9:50 am | #

By Blogger adriana, at Tuesday, October 02, 2007 10:05:00 PM  

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