Musical ideas are flowing out of David like cheap wine right now, and I'm trying to keep up. I think, after going through this winter, it's going to take a while to sort through the pain and find art inside of it. It's a strange and embarassing thing that artists do, this mining of our inner lives. I can feel it happening, any time something is really sublime, or really harrowing: through the tears I am thinking, "File this away. Use this. It will come in handy later." It almost takes you out of the reality of living in the moment, doesn't it? But these are the lovely machines that we become, wanting to sort through and make a product out of every bit of existence. Perhaps if I color it in blue, or set it in a minor key, I will understand why it happened.

Right now I don't have colors for what I feel, nor words, nor notes.

I hope that soon the veil will lift.

PS- I've been meaning to say this for the last two months, but the amazing photo on the front page and the great band photography that's currently being used by Amoeba is by Mimi Ko, a photographer here in Los Angeles. There's lots more where that came from, and in time you will see it, and be agog.


Oh, I can't wait to see more. I love to be agog!
Lisa | 01.16.04 - 5:51 pm | #

I'm very concerned to hear that cheap wine flows out of David. Is David okay or is this just a Jesus-symbol thing?
Maielloclypse the Younger | 01.17.04 - 10:15 am | #

david has a very rare form of stigmata: instead of blood, it's cheap wine. how cheap? taste and see.
a | 01.17.04 - 12:32 pm | #

Cheap wine = Gold. Keep the stigmata up, I can't wait for communion.....
shawn | 01.18.04 - 5:48 am | #

David's condition makes a certain amount of sense. After all, in the great tribute to this hallowed artistic lubricant by the ubiquitous UB40, they sing,
"Red red wine
you make me feel so fine,
You keep me rockin'
all of de time"
Of, course, their lyrics quickly become rather unintelligible. I think they say something about a monkey and a methadone clinic. I don't know. But yay for David!
tifanie | 01.18.04 - 9:52 am | #

I miss you. The end.

Oh, btw: the veil always lifts, and then you find another one. It's dead aggravating, but it keeps things mysterious, and we do like our mysteries, don't we? Huge hugs to you.
Maure | Homepage | 01.19.04 - 5:18 pm

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